Timeless Jewelry: Five Cherished Vintage Heirloom Pieces; And Six Classic New Pearl Finds / Classic Style For Women


 (ABOVE) Classic pearl jewelry, and vintage charm bracelets, coin pendants, and station necklaces never go out of style.

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July 1, 2024 / Video Post Notes

 Timeless Jewelry Heirlooms & My New Classic Pearl Jewelry Finds

Sentimental Jewelry That’s Always in Style

In this post and video I am focusing on five vintage jewelry pieces that I treasure not only because of their monetary value, but also because of the loved ones who gave them to me and the stories behind each piece. Included are a turquoise station necklace, a pearl ring, a charm bracelet, a mabe pearl bracelet, and a gold coin. (The gold coin eventually gained a halo of 14k gold and become a pendant on a necklace chain.)

I wanted to talk about these items here in the hopes that I might inspire you to get out your own heirlooms and jot down the dates and stories behind them, too. That way, whomever inherits them might better understand just how and why the pieces are meaningful, beyond their monetary worth and physical beauty.

Six New Pearl Finds that Are Timely and Timeless

Also in this post and video I am featuring six new 18k gold, diamond and pearl jewelry pieces that I recently picked out at Gingiberi. There are two necklaces and four pairs of earrings, and oh my gosh if you are like me and love white pearls with yellow gold, then you will enjoy seeing these. They are all so pretty! The necklaces are lovely worn alone and they also are perfect for stacking together, as well as with other delicate necklaces you might already own.

Although Gingiberi isn’t sponsoring this post, only a segment of my YouTube video, all of the items that Gingiberi sent to me are so lovely, I wanted to feature them here, too, because I knew you would want to see them. Also, I have a coupon code  to save 15% site wide. Simply type in Janis15 at checkout. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, Gingiberi offers free 30-day returns in the United States and Great Britain.

Scroll down the page and you will notice that I point out the quality rating of the pearls for each of the Gingiberi pearl items I show. To help you better understand the pearl industry rating system (which varies slightly for freshwater verses saltwater Akoya pearls), you might want to refer to the Pearl Rating System charts I created below.

Freshwater-Pearl Grading

AAAA            95% Blemish-Free; Represents Approx. 1-2% of Freshwater Pearls

AAA               90-95% Blemish-Free; Represents Approx. 3-10% of Freshwater Pearls

AA                 80% Blemish-Free; Represents Approx. 20% of  Freshwater Pearls

A                    70% Blemish-Free; Represents Approx. 50-60% of Freshwater Pearls

Akoya Saltwater-Pearl Grading

Hanadama    99% Blemish-Free; Represents Less Than 1% of Akoya Pearls 

AAA                95% or Better Blemish-Free; Represents Approx. 1-3% of Akoya Pearls

AA                   70-90% Blemish-Free; Represents Approx. 3-10% of Akoya Pearls

A                      50% Blemish-Free; Represents Approx. 20% of Akoya Pearls

I hope you enjoy this post. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it today.

~ Janis

Janis Lyn Johnson
Classic-Style Lover. Happily Married. Born in 1960. Fan of Understated, Timeless Fashion and Healthy Living.

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Scenes From The Video



(ABOVE) These five heirloom jewelry items date from the 1950s to ‘early 90s and were given to me by my husband, parents, and grandmother during the past 58 years. Each of these pieces is timeless and always in style. For a brief overview, scroll down the page to each item. For more details behind each piece, please watch the YouTube video at the bottom of the page. 


1967-’68 Gold Turquoise Station Necklace From My Father


(ABOVE) My father traveled a lot when I was growing up, and he often brought me back something small from his trips abroad. I loved the perfume samples, in particular, and a fascinating Chinese writing set he received on an Asian airline flight. This time, when I was 6 or 7 and we were living in Houston, Texas, he brought me a piece of jewelry. As he handed me this 14k Gold Turquoise Necklace, my mother was standing beside him. I remember her voice was almost as serious as if she was about to scold me, so I couldn’t help but feel a little afraid. I don’t remember her exact words, but she wanted me to know that the necklace was not a toy, but was real 14k gold and a semi-precious stone called turquoise–and that I must take special care of it. I never wore the necklace until I was in my 20s, for fear of something happening to it. I loved and enjoyed it nonetheless; just looking at it in my pink, velvet-lined, ballerina music jewelry box was delight enough. Station necklaces are wonderful for layering, whether they are comprised of simple gold or silver beads or semi-precious stones, pearls or diamonds.


Turquoise Bead Station Necklace, 14k Gold


1980 Gold $100 Canadian Arctic Territories Coin Pendant From My Mother


(ABOVE) This 1980 Canadian $100 Arctic Territories 22k Gold Coin was given to me by my mother. In 1980, I competed as Miss Allegheny, representing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the  Miss Oktoberfest Pageant in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and my mother went with me. While there, she bought me this coin to commemorate our trip together. Later, after we returned home, she had it framed in gold and turned into a pendant on a chain for me. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift, I treasure it to this day. Although I love wearing it on a necklace, this pendant also would be pretty on a gold bracelet. For the funny story behind the talent I performed at the pageant, and the girl who ultimately won the pageant (plus photographs), please watch the video. A gold coin makes a wonderful commemorative gift. Not only will it continue to go up in value over time, but it looks beautiful as a pendant attached to either a necklace or a bracelet.


Canadian 1980 Gold Coin, 22k, .5oz Gold, Arctic Territories



Republica Italia 500-Lira and 14k Gold Charm Bracelet


1950s-60s Gold Pearl Ring From My Maternal Grandmother


(ABOVE) I am not sure when my maternal grandmother, Thelma Strong Caylor, got this 14k Gold Pearl Ring, or who gave it to her. It could date back to the 1950s-’60s or earlier. My mother inherited it in 1974, when my grandmother passed away. My mother gave it to me in the 1990s. I like to wear it with the gold wedding band my father gave to my mother (it has an inscription from him engraved on the underside).  I am not certain, but I would guess that the size of the pearls in my ring are about 7mm. If you are searching for a gift, a pearl ring makes a wonderful choice. It can be worn with both dressy and casual outfits, and looks pretty with either silver or yellow or white gold.



18k Yellow Gold Akoya Pearl Ring With Natural Diamonds


1960s-’70s  Gold Charm Bracelet From My Paternal Grandmother


(ABOVE) During my father’s 1960s-’70s business travels all over the world, he collected gold charms for both my mother and his mother, my grandmother, Meta Eby Turk. This 14k Gold Charm Bracelet was my grandmother’s, and she gave it to me in 1996. I remember at the time, she said she was giving it to me because I now had an engagement ring. She explained that because I had demonstrated I could be careful with and respectful of this special piece jewelry, then she could feel secure that I would do the same with this bracelet. I love, love this item, because it reminds me of both my grandmother Meta and my father. For more about this bracelet, I encourage you to watch my video, which is located at the bottom of this page. For those who love to travel, collecting gold charms along the way is a wonderful way to remember your trips. Just make sure to buy a bracelet that is strong enough to accommodate multiple charms.


Circa 1970 14k Gold Vintage Charm Bracelet


Early 1990s Gold Mabe Pearl Bracelet From My Husband


(ABOVE) My husband gave me this 14k Gold Mabe Pearl Bracelet when I was in my early 30s, when we were still dating. I fell in love with it instantly. Mabe pearls are so striking, they make a beautiful statement, whether in a bracelet or earrings. Simple, understated pearl bracelets like this one, and the two I show below, look wonderful worn alone or stacked with other gold bracelets. If you are interested in knowing how mabe pearls are finished for jewelry, you might want to read this interesting article.


18k Gold Pearl Bracelet, 5mm or 18k Gold Pearl Bracelet, 7-7.5mm


18K Gold Removable Tassel Pearl Earrings


(ABOVE & BELOW) These Gingiberi 18K Gold and Pearl Tassel Earrings are two in one, which is why I adore them. You can wear just the pearl stud alone or add the 18k gold chain and pearl tassels for more fun.  The chain sparkles and the pearls sway, creating a pretty and playful statement.  The tassels are just large and long enough to be noticeable and yet still remain understated. AAA-rated freshwater pearls; 3-6mm. 


Gingiberi 18K Gold and Pearl Tassel Earrings




18k Gold, Diamonds and Akoya Pearl  Bow Earrings


(ABOVE & BELOW) These Gingiberi 18k Gold, Diamonds and Akoya Pearl  Bow Earrings are such a classic. The pearls are 7-7.5mm in size, with gold bows covered in natural, hand-set diamonds. I think they are the perfect pearl stud, because they combine all of the things I love: Akoya pearls, yellow gold, and natural diamonds. I can just as easily wear these with shorts and a polo shirt as I can with a little black dress and pumps. If you are going to buy just one pair of earrings in this post, this would be the pair I recommend. AAA-rated saltwater 7-7.5mm Akoya pearls. 


18k Gold, Diamonds and Akoya Pearl  Bow Earrings



18k Gold, Diamonds and Akoya Pearl Leaf Necklace


(ABOVE & BELOW) This  Gingiberi 18k Gold, Diamonds and Akoya Pearl Leaf Necklace is such a pretty way to combine natural diamonds and a single Akoya pearl. The pendant is shaped like a delicate leaf and can be placed securely anywhere along the chain, creating the exact look you want. I think it is perfect alone, but it also looks beautiful when paired with the pearl necklace I show later on in this post. If you want matching earrings, the Gingiberi 18k Gold, Diamonds and Akoya Pearl  Bow Earrings that I show with them here are ideal. Both feature 7-7.5mm AAA-rated saltwater Akoya pearls and natural, mined diamonds.


Gingiberi 18k Gold, Diamonds and Akoya Pearl Leaf Necklace




18k Gold, Diamonds, and Pearl Drop Earrings


(ABOVE & BELOW) I am such a fan of small drop earrings and reach for them quite a lot, whether I am putting together a dressy or casual outfit. I wore this pair of  Gingiberi 18k Gold, Diamonds, and Pearl Rainline Earrings out for brunch with my hubby recently; they worked beautifully with the Gingiberi 18k Gold, Diamonds and Akoya Pearl Leaf Necklace I showed earlier. Because of the diamonds, they have a lovely sparkle, and the 7-7.5mm pearls are just large enough to be noticeable, but not too showy. They’re just perfect! AA-rated freshwater pearls and natural, mined diamonds.


Gingiberi 18k Gold, Diamonds, and Pearl Rainline Earrings




18k Gold and Pearl Removable Drop Earrings


18k Gold and Pearls Station Necklace


(ABOVE & Below) These Gingiberi 18k Gold and Pearl Removable Drop Earrings are the type of earring you will want to wear day after day. They are two in one, so you can wear just the pearl stud alone. Or, add the drop and you have a completely different look. They are simple, understated, clean, and unfussy, so they work beautifully with almost any other jewelry you might wish to pair with them. Speaking of other jewelry, oh my goodness do I love, love this Gingiberi 18k Gold and Pearls Station Necklace. It is so delicate, so feminine, and the chain sparkles in the sun like diamonds. It’s just so pretty! And, doesn’t it look wonderful with these earrings?  AAA-rated freshwater pearls in both the earrings and necklace.


Gingiberi 18k Gold and Pearl Removable Drop Earrings


Gingiberi 18k Gold and Pearls Station Necklace



Leather Travel Jewelry Case


ABOVE & BELOW) This Gingiberi Leather Travel Jewelry Case is perfect for taking your good jewelry with you while traveling, but I also use it for storing jewelry I am currently reaching for the most at home. I just pull it out of my drawer each morning and pick out the pieces I’m wearing for the day. It makes my life so organized. Note: I am showing the new Travel Jewelry Case, which has has been improved  recently. Now, three snap keepers replace the former hooks for necklaces (see photographs below).


Gingiberi Leather Travel Jewelry Case (this is the older version; my case is the new version)




A Gift For Yourself or Someone Else


(ABOVE & BELOW) Receiving a Gingiberi shipment is such a luxurious experience; all of the items arrive in navy suede boxes tucked inside ribbon wrapped boxes, along with a lovely gift bag.



My Makeup


(ABOVE) All of the makeup products I’m wearing in this post are by clean cosmetic brands. For details on each item, and the accompanying link, please see below.


Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation, Medium Beige

Gabriel Powder Foundation, Light Beige/Bamboo (GabrielAmazon)


Gabriel Powder Blush, Peach (on bridge of nose, cheeks, chin, forehead; GabrielAmazon)


Mineral Fusion Lipstick, Crush


Gold Dual-Ended Retractable Lip Brush (for lining and filling-in lips with lip color)


RMS Beauty Unpowder Powder (to set eyeshadow/liner; QVCAmazonNordstrom)

Zoreya 13-piece pink makeup brush, sponge set with faux leather case

Makeup Brushes/Sponge/Case (to apply my face, eye, and cheek makeup)


Pacifica Mascara, Black/Supernova


Set of Four Portable Eyelash Combs, Pink (to comb out mascara)


Vaseline Triple Purified, 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly  (applied to cheeks and cheekbones as highlighter; AmazonTarget)


1-Ounce Glass Jars (set of 6, for storing Petroleum Jelly, Shea Butter, etc.; Amazon)


Steamer For Clothes (I have used this steamer for years and swear by it!)


YouTube Video

(ABOVE) If you are seeing this message, then I have published the video and it should be appearing above. However, if for some reason the video isn’t appearing above–and you have refreshed your page and cleared your cache–you also can view the video at my JLJ Back To Classic Channel on YouTube.


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Janis Lyn Johnson is a happily married, 1960-born fan of timeless style and healthy living.

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  1. Lynne July 1, 2024 at 9:53 pm - Reply

    I love pearls too and really like the pearl drop earrings you featured. I have a gold charm bracelet that I started years ago and then inherited my Mothers and added some of her charms to my bracelet. However, I never see anyone wear them anymore and feel somewhat dated when I do wear mine. I wish I didn’t feel this way. I also wear mine only in the cooler months because its seems too heavy for the warm months here in Georgia.

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