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(ABOVE) Peachy-Pink is back for spring-summer 2023 and I love it paired with white, ivory, black, navy or as I show here, grey. It’s such a pretty, feminine shade. Even my sunglasses are pink!

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February 23, 2023 / Video Post Notes


A Cute Lunch Spot and Dealing with Food Allergens When Eating Out

My friend CSG* and I met for lunch at Sante Fe Cafe in Waterside Shops. It’s a cute spot, very casual, with lots of delicious looking breakfast options, sandwiches, salads, baked goods and more. Unfortunately, I cannot eat most of what is offered at any restaurant anymore, which is why I usually order lettuce with plain, unseasoned chicken, shrimp, wild caught salmon or a beef patty, so I can make a safe, allergen-free salad, with my own homemade salad dressing.

This time, I learned that I need to be much more clear in ordering. I requested a plain beef burger with no bun or seasoning, just a side of lettuce, but I must have forgotten to say I planned to make it into a salad, because I received a tiny side of romaine and onions and still got the bun. (Scroll down the page to see photographs of both CSG’s and my order, and my dressing recipe.) The beef patty was grilled exactly to my specification of medium well, so it was delicious; it just didn’t come with as much salad as I would have liked. Our server was so sweet, I’m sure she probably would have given me more lettuce had I asked, but I didn’t want to be any more fussy than I already felt I was, so I didn’t say anything.

You’d think after 11 years I’d have perfected the practice of how to order to avoid certain foods when eating out (most grains, soy, dairy, nuts, sugar, seed oils, preservatives, etc.), but I haven’t. I will say, however, that the staff at restaurants today are very accommodating–much more so than 11 years ago. Back then it seemed no one had allergies like me, and I felt even more uncomfortable than I do now, having to order the way I do. Now, servers do seem more used to it and are happy to help me, but I still feel so…fussy, picky, annoying… I would love to be “normal” and not make so many specific requests, but I have no choice. My health really does depend on it. I just have to make sure I’m very clear, because sometimes, evidently, I forget that people cannot read my mind. 🙂

How I Love A Dressy Trousers Outfit

The outfit I wore is another combination that I employ often for more formal days or date nights with my husband–heels with dressy trousers, a dressy top, and a refined cardigan. I love trousers with heels because they are so elegant and elongating (and I don’t have to worry about the condition of my legs that day). Even a little kitten heel pump–which I am wearing in this post–is enough to give a longer look to my legs. I’ve listed everything at the bottom of this post and included links.

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Janis Lyn Johnson
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CSG* Camera-shy girlfriend

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Scenes From The Video

Waterside Shops

vlog classic style over 50 waterside shops fashion influencer janis lyn johnson

(ABOVE) These sunglasses are from Warby Parker (Durand in Rose Water, narrow width). I was able to try them on, along with four other pairs, before buying them–the company pays for shipping to and from your home. I love that they offer a variety of styles in narrow, medium and wide widths. I bought the pair you see here and also Butler in Butterscotch Tortoise (narrow width).

vlog hermes opens spring 2023 waterside shops naples fl jljbacktoclassic

(ABOVE) The new Hermes store was still under construction the day this was shot. It officially opened last week!

vlog waterside shops, naples, fl jljbacktoclassic

vlog waterside shops, naples, fl jljbacktoclassic

(ABOVE & BELOW) Sante Fe Cafe at Waterside Shops, Naples, Florida.

Sante Fe Cafe, Waterside Shops, Naples, FL

(ABOVE & BELOW) Sante Fe Cafe in Waterside Shops, Naples, Florida.

vlog sante fe cafe waterside shops spinach salad chicken strawberries jljbacktoclassic

(ABOVE) At Sante Fe Cafe, my friend CSG ordered the Spinach Salad with Grilled Chicken. (BELOW) Because of food allergies/intolerances I ordered an unseasoned burger patty with a side of lettuce. I don’t think I made it clear that I wanted to make it into a salad, because the kitchen still gave me the bun and  only a tiny bit of lettuce. I made it work as it was, seasoning it with the salad dressing I brought along. (Dressing:2 tablespoons Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 tablespoon Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Pink Himalayan Salt to taste, carried in a 4-Ounce Glass Leak-Proof Bottle.)

vlog sante fe cafe waterside shops hamburger, lettuce, no bun, clean eating jljbacktoclassic

vlog waterside shops naples fl classic style influencer janis lyn johnson age 62

vlog waterside shops naples fl saks fifth avenue jljbacktoclassic

vlog fendi waterside shops naples fl selleria mini peekaboo jljbacktoclassic

(ABOVE & BELOW) In Fendi at Saks Fifth Avenue, I spotted the White Selleria Mini Peekaboo that I have been contemplating at Fendi on line for the last two years. Seeing it in person for the first time, I fell instantly in love. However, I still didn’t want to make an impulsive decision, so I went home and thought about it for a few hours. A few minutes before the store closed I called Janet, my sales associate at Fendi-Saks, and bought the bag. I love it because it’s distinctly casual and yet I feel I still can wear it with a pretty summer dress and delicate sandals–or with a light color sweater or puffer coat or puffer vest in the winter. If you are interested in this bag but don’t wish to pay the retail price, I recommend having a look at the Preloved Peekaboos at Fashionphile, which is a partner of Neiman Marcus. I bought my first Fendi Peekaboo there several years ago, in the medium size (see it in this Blog Post).

vlog fendi waterside shops naples fl white selleria mini peekaboo jljbacktoclassic


What I Wore

classic over 50 louis vuitton vernis alma bb, j.mclaughlin carter pant, ruffle top

classic over 50 louis vuitton vernis alma bb, j.mclaughlin carter pant, ruffle top

classic style over 50 J.McLaughlin Carter Pants, Ruffle Top JLJBackToClassic

classic style over 50 louis vuitton vernis alma bb, j.mclaughlin carter pant, ruffle top

classic over 50 louis vuitton vernis alma bb, j.mclaughlin carter pant, ruffle top


Inside My Bag

classic style over 60 louis vuitton rose ballerine vernis alma bb jljbacktoclassic

(ABOVE) I switched out the leather shoulder strap that came with my handbag and decided to use a Chain Shoulder Strap that was shorter (comes in a set of four different lengths). This was the perfect length for keeping the top handles of my handbag from rubbing against my grey pants. (I don’t want to get any color transfer on my handbag.)

classic style pink faux leather zip key pouch jljbacktoclassic

(ABOVE) This Pink Zip Key Pouch is wonderful for protecting other items inside my handbag from getting scratched/ruined by keys. It also makes my keys easier to find in my bags. It’s large enough to hold my credit cards, cash, and coins, too.

classic style over 50 mark and graham small leather blush tassel zipper pouch monogrammed

(ABOVE) This Leather Zip Tassel Pouch is in the blush color; I also have it in black. It’s available in this small size and a larger size, but I prefer the small, because it fits in so many of my handbags. It’s perfect for corralling small items like lipsticks, a lip brush, mirror, tissue, etc.

Havre de Luxe Croc Embossed Leather Zippered Card Case JLJBackToClassic

(ABOVE) Although the Pink Zippered Card Case is currently sold out, there still are a very pretty Grey Croc Embossed Leather Card Case and Nude Saffiano Leather Zippered Card Case (BELOW). The company will monogram them free of charge. Plus, if you use my Coupon Code, JLJ15, you will save 15% off your entire purchase.

Havre De Luxe Nude Saffiano Leather Zipper Card Case

classic style over 60 in my handbag chanel dual sided mirror

(ABOVE) Chanel Miroir Double Facettes/Mirror Duo and (BELOW) Gold Dual-Ended Retractable Lip Brush.

classic style over 60 in my handbag dual sided gold lip brush jljbacktoclassic

clean, classic beauty over 50 honest beauty ceeh rose cream rose pink jljbacktoclassic

(ABOVE) Honest Beauty Creme Cheek + Lip Color, Rose Pink  (at Ulta, Amazon, Target). I wore this on my cheeks and lips. It’s moisturizing on it’s own, but to make it look a bit more glossy on my lips I added Lawless Forget The Filler Lip Plumper Line-Smoothing Gloss in Rosy Outlook (Sephora). I also dabbed a tiny bit of Triple Purified, 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly onto cheeks and cheekbones as highlighter  (Amazon, Target).

Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation, Medium Beige

Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation, Medium Beige


Honest Beauty Creme Cheek + Lip Color, Rose Pink  (Ulta, Amazon, Target)


Sigma F80 Air Flat Kabuki Brush, for applying/stippling cheek color sparingly onto cheeks and cheekbones


Gold Dual-Ended Retractable Lip Brush, for lining and filling-in lips with lip color



Lawless Forget The Filler Lip Plumper Line-Smoothing Gloss in Rosy Outlook, Clean at Sephora Seal (Sephora)


Mineral Fusion Eye Pencil, Touch (Target, Amazon)


Sigma E21 Smudge Brush, to smudge liner on lid and under lower eyelashes (Neiman Marcus)


RMS Beauty Un-Powder Powder, for setting eyeliner (Amazon)


Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer in One (Ulta, Amazon)


Set of Four Portable Eyelash Combs, Pink, to comb out mascara


Vaseline Triple Purified, 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, applied to cheeks and cheekbones as highlighter (Amazon, Target)


Nourish Organic Shea Butter, I rotate this with petroleum jelly (Amazon)


1-Ounce Glass Jars (Set of 6), for storing Petroleum Jelly, Shea Butter, Etc. (Amazon)



SWEATER SET: Cardigan, Shell 


(I am 5’8” tall, size XS or 0-2 in most tops, size 2 or S in most pants, and size 26 in most jeans, size 9.5-10 in most shoes)

CARDIGAN: Halogen, pink smoke, old; similar cardigan here / TOP: here / TROUSERS: ivory, navy, black here (similar grey Side-Zip Seasonless Trousers, Stretch Flannel Pinstripe Trousers, Stretch Italian Wool Trousers) / UNDIES: Sheer NVPL Smoothing Shapewear


EYEWEAR: wide-med-narrow widths, here / BAG:  Louis Vuitton Rose Ballerine Verni Alma BB (preloved Fashionphile)  / CHAIN SHOULDER STRAP: here (pack of four, varying lengths) / ZIPPERED LEATHER CARD CASE: grey croc here, nude saffiano here (free monogram; use code JLJ15 to save 15% off entire purchase) / ZIPPERED POUCH: here, size small, can be monogrammed (many colors, 2 sizes available) / PINK ZIP KEY POUCH: here / SHOES: leather, wide-med-narrow widths, here


RING: Boucheron (similar Saks Fifth Avenue; preloved Fashionphile)

My MAKEUP (Clean Ingredients)

FACE: Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation (Medium Beige) /  CHEEKS: Honest Beauty Creme Cheek + Lip Color, Rose Pink  (Ulta, Amazon, Target)/ EYES: Mineral Fusion Eye Pencil in the color Touch (at Target, Amazon); smudged the line on eyelid and under lower lashes with the Sigma E21 Smudge Brush (at Neiman Marcus); set with RMS Beauty Un-Powder Powder (Nordstrom, Amazon) / LASHES: Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer in One (At Ulta, Amazon)/ LIPS: Honest Beauty Creme Cheek + Lip Color, Rose Pink  (Ulta, Amazon, Target) / CHEEKBONES HIGHLIGHTER: Triple Purified 100% Petroleum Jelly (Amazon, Target)


YouTube Video

(ABOVE) If you are seeing this message, then I have published the video and it should be appearing above. However, if for some reason the video isn’t appearing above–and you have refreshed your page and cleared your cache–you also can view the video at my JLJ Back To Classic Channel on YouTube.


four-ounce leak-proof glass bottle for carrying own salad dressing jljbacktoclassic

4-Ounce Glass Leak-Proof Bottle, for carrying salad dressing, pack of 12

warby parker durand sunglasses in rosewater

Sunglasses, Rose Water (wide, med, narrow widths)


Boucheron Quatre Classique Large 18-karat yellow, white, and rose gold diamond ring (similar Saks Fifth Avenue, preloved Fashionphile


Seasonless Ruffle Top, White (many colors, prints available)

hobbs london michelle cotton cardigan pink

Pink Cotton Cardigan

j.mclaughlin ivory side-zip seasonless trousers carter pants

Seasonless Side-Zip Trousers, Ivory (also black, navy)

ann taylor side zip pant in twill silver lake grey

Side-Zip Seasonless Trousers, Grey

brooks brothers Wool Stretch Flannel Pinstripe Trousers

Stretch Flannel Pinstripe Trousers, Grey

brooks brothers The Essential Brookstretch Wool Trousers Grey

Stretch Italian Wool Trousers, Grey


Sheer NVPL Smoothing Shapewear


Black Kitten Heel Pumps (narrow, medium, wide widths)