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(ABOVE) In this vlog, I pay a visit to J.McLaughlin and try on a few items.

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January 17, 2023 / Video Post Notes


Terry’s J.McLaughlin Dress and Puffer Try On

My plan was to quickly return something to J.McLaughlin and come back home, but as soon as I entered the store I was so mesmerized by the happy colors and beautiful prints that I decided to stay awhile and try on a few things. (I ended up buying four–a Short Sleeve Puffer and Gingham Top in the store and another Short Sleeve Puffer and The Poet Sweater In Stripe on line a few days later.)

I also was struck with how pretty another patron looked wearing a J.McLaughlin Ivory Sleeveless Shift Dress (on sale) with a Short-Sleeve Puffer Jacket and Nude Suede Heels. I loved her outfit so much, in fact, that I asked her if I could film and photograph her for my YouTube channel and blog. She was so sweet, she said yes. Her name is Terry, she is from Naples, and she did such a great job of modeling for me, especially considering she is not a model, I am a total stranger to her, and I accosted her out of the blue! Two photographs of her are below and the video clip of her modeling the outfit is featured on the YouTube video at the bottom of this post. Thank you, Terry 🙂

My Quick and Casual OOTD

The outfit I wore that day is so comfortable and, I confess, repeats two items I’ve already shown in the last two months. I also, again, wasn’t wearing any makeup, and even the lip gloss is old and no longer being made. Had I known I was going to film myself, I would have at least worn a lip color that was available, because so many of you like to know where you can purchase the clean makeup products I wear.

Nevertheless, I thought it was a good idea to show you the real me, unplanned, so you can see I do repeat the same items, even exact outfits within the same month. Especially when I decide to go out last minute, and I am on a limited time schedule, so I want to get dressed quickly.

My outfit consisted of Light Beige Pull-On Chinos and a Dark Wash Denim Shirt. I carried my Louis Vuitton My LV World Tour Crossbody Bag. I love these chinos, because of the easy pull-on style and light khaki color (although they also are available in a pretty navy). I’ve lost count how many times I’ve worn them!

If you have any questions about any of the items I’ve featured in this post, I’d be happy to answer them the best I can.

~ Janis

Janis Lyn Johnson
Classic-Style Lover. Happily Married. Born in 1960. Fan of Understated, Timeless Fashion and Healthy Living.


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Scenes From The Video


Gold Short-Sleeve Puffer Jacket, Ivory Shift Dress, Nude Suede Sandals

J.McLaughlin Naples FL Store Try On White Shift Dress Gold Short Sleeve Puffer Jacket

(ABOVE & BELOW) J.McLaughlin Ivory Sleeveless Murphy Shift Dress (on sale); J.McLaughlin Sarabeth Puffer Jacket (on sale and sizes limited; all sizes in frost blue, soft pink); J.McLaughlin Shauna Suede Heels, Sesame.

j.mclaughlin murphy shift dress, ivory

J.McLaughlin Metallic Champagne Short Sleeve Puffer Jacket

j.mclaughlin sarabeth jacket, frost blue

J.McLaughlin Shauna Suede Heels, Sesame

J.McLaughlin Naples FL Store Try On Short Sleeve Puffer Jacket JLJBackToClassic


What I Tried On

Denim Three-Quarter Sleeve Shirt

J.McLaughlin Naples FL Store Try On Brynn Denim Shirt JLJBackToClassic

(ABOVE & BELOW) J.McLaughlin Brynn Denim Shirt. I’m wearing size XS

J.McLaughlin Brynn Denim Shirt


Pink and White Gingham Pull-On Pants

J.McLaughlin Naples FL Store Try On Gingham Masie Pants, Pink JLJBackToClassic

(ABOVE & BELOW) J.McLaughlin Gingham Masie Pants, Pink (pulls on; other colors/patterns available). I tried them on in one size larger than my normal size, for a loser fit. (I normally wear size 2; these are size 4.)

J.McLaughlin Masie Pants in Pink Gingham


Pink and White Gingham Three-Quarter Sleeve Top

J.McLaughlin Naples FL Try On Gingham Wavesong Tee, Hot Pink JLJBackToClassic

(ABOVE & BELOW) J.McLaughlin Gingham Wavesong Tee, Hot Pink (more colors/patterns available). I’m wearing size XS.

J.McLaughlin Gingham Wavesong Tee, Hot Pink


Pink and Orange Rope/Tassel-Print Three-Quarter Sleeve Tee

J.McLaughlin Signature Tee, Neo Becket, Pink and Orange

(ABOVE & BELOW) J.McLaughlin Signature Tee, Neo Beckett, Pink and Orange (more colors/patterns available). I’m wearing size XS.

J.McLaughlin Signature Tee, Pink, Neo Beckett


Pink Short-Sleeve Diamond-Quilted Puffer Jacket and Jacquard Top

J.McLaughlin Quilted Linnet Puffer Jacket Try On JLJBackToClassic

(ABOVE & BELOW) J.McLaughlin Quilted Linnet Puffer Jacket, Pink;  J.McLaughlin Carly Top Posh Cheetah Jacquard. I’m wearing size XS in both items.

J.McLaughlin Linnet Quilted Jacket Pink

J.McLaughlin Carly Top Posh Cheetah Jacquard



Scenes From The Video/Village on Venetian Bay, Naples, FL

vlog style over 50 village of venetian bay naples fl janis lyn johnson

Vlog Village on Venetian Bay Naples FL Red Motorcycle

(ABOVE & BELOW) I am not a motorcycle enthusiast but I thought these looked fun for their owners–and I especially loved the patriotic American flags.



What I Wore

Classic Style Over 55 Louis Vuitton My World Tour Alma BB JLJBackToClassic

classic casual style over 50 j.crew chinos, banana republic denim shirt, straw hat jljbacktoclassic

Classic Style Over 50 Louis Vuitton Alma BB J.Crew Chinos Banana Republic Denim Shirt

vlog what's in my louis vuitton my world tour alma bb jljbacktoclassic

Louis Vuitton My World Tour Alma BB Classic Style Over 50

louis vuitton recto verso card holder monogram canvas jljbacktoclassic

Classic Clean Beauty Over 50 Janis Lyn Johnson age 62



SHIRT: Banana Republic, XS, old (similar here) / PANTS: Cotton Pull-On Chinos, XS, Tall (also available in navy) / Hat: Amazon


IPhone 11Pro Case with Credit Card Slot: Pink and White Marble / EYEWEAR: Kate Spade / HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton (preloved Fashionphile) / Card Holder: Louis Vuitton (preloved Fashionphile) / Key Pouch: Louis Vuitton (pre-loved Fashionphile) / HAT: Sloggers (more colors available)


YouTube Video

(ABOVE) If you are seeing this message, then I have published the video and it should be appearing above. However, if for some reason the video isn’t appearing above–and you have refreshed your page and cleared your cache–you also can view the video at my JLJ Back To Classic Channel on YouTube.


i-Blason Cosmo Wallet Slim Designer Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Pink and White Marble Case with Credit Card Slot for iPhone 11Pro

Louis Vuitton LV My World Tour Alma BB

Louis Vuitton My LV World Tour Alma BB (preloved Fashionphile)

louis vuitton recto verso card holder, monogram

Louis Vuitton Recto Verso Card Holder (preloved Fashionphile)


Louis Vuitton Monogram Key Pouch (Pre-loved Fashionphile)


Sloggers (more colors available)

Kate Spade

banana republic classic denim shirt

Denim Shirt



Crewneck Tee

J.Crew Wide Leg Pull On Chino

Cotton Pull-On Chinos