(ABOVE) My outfit for a get-together with girlfriends: grey wide-leg pants and blush cardigan and bag with grey high-heel, ankle-strap pumps.

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February 23, 2020 / Video Post Notes


Three Pretty New Things I Found

I wore this outfit for a lunch with two girlfriends, but it’s perfect for a date night with my hubby, too. You might remember me mentioning this cardigan in my last two posts. I kept talking about it because I thought it looked so pretty on line.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I finally ordered it. It’s the Stitched Ann Cardigan with Pearl Buttons in pastel pink from Ann Taylor. The colors combine a soft mauve pastel-pink trim with a heathered peachy-pink body, and delicate pearl buttons. It is available in all sizes right now, so if you like the look of it you might want to nab it while you can.

My pants also are new and from Ann Taylor. They are the Belted Wide-Leg Marina Pant in herringbone, and they are so comfortable. I like the cropped style, because I can wear any heel height. They’re available in regular, petite, and tall lengths. I chose the tall, which is 28.5 inches in length. (I am 5’8.5″ tall.) Also, they come with a matching belt. How great is that?  (These pants are on sale!)

My blouse is the Tie-Neck Flutter Flower Top from Talbots.  I bought it a month ago, and it’s now marked down from $89.50 to $34.99. I think the soft structure and ruffled neckline are so feminine and flattering. I absolutely love it.

Makeup Brushes I’m Loving

A while back, Sigma sent me a PR box of makeup brushes and slowly I have been working my way through them during the last year. Several of them I keep going back to repeatedly, and I’ve been noting them when I use them in each post under WHAT I WORE/MY MAKEUP BRUSHES. (You can always find that section near the bottom of my posts.)

Before I started my blog and YouTube channel, and began playing more with makeup, I tended to use whatever brush was on hand. I had absolutely no idea that the tools made such a difference. However, I have been discovering that using the right brush with the right product is essential if I want a flattering, natural, long-wearing look.

Of course, I’m still learning, so I still make mistakes–and boy can I tell what that mistake is when I see myself in HD video on a huge desktop-computer screen. Yikes!

That being said, when I do achieve a makeup look I love, it’s with the help of great brushes that do the job well. Among these are the the Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush, the Sigma F80 Air Flat Kabuki Brush, and the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush.

I use the  Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush to apply foundation. In this post, I wanted only a sheer, light dusting of foundation, but I also use this brush to achieve medium to full coverage. I love how soft it is and, because of the tightly packed bristles, how well it applies foundation. The brush head is rounded, which makes it easy to fit into the corners and crevices of the face, particularly around the nose.

When it come to blush, I need a brush that is soft, gentle, and allows me to apply a little at a time. The Sigma F80 Air Flat Kabuki Brush is perfect for this, because it stipples the color onto my cheeks and forehead. In this way, I can build color gradually, rather than depositing too much right off the bat.

Lastly, let’s talk about my eyes. Or, I should say, the skin above my eyes. My eyelids are so dry, wrinkled, and crepey, most eye-makeup brushes feel like sandpaper. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush. I use this brush to gently apply foundation to my lids, to prep them for eyeshadow. I also use this brush to apply eyeshadow and to blend eyeshadow at the crease and above it. Afterwards, I use this brush to apply RMS Beauty Un-Powder onto my lids to set my eyeshadow or eyeliner and to keep them from smudging. (RMS Beauty Un-Powder is wonderful, by the way!) I also use this brush for smudging shadow or eyeliner at the lash line. It’s such a fantastic, multi-tasking tool. I can’t recommend it enough.

Now, I’m off to make dinner.

~Janis Lyn Johnson










(ABOVE) I’m wearing 100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss, Crystal, over Zuzu Luxe Lipstick, Sandstorm (however, the Zuzu Luxe lipstick is very rich and creamy on its own, too. See photo below of me wearing it without the gloss on top).


RMS Beauty Un-Powder (For Setting Eyeshadow to Keep it From Smudging; also to Set Foundation)


Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush (For Applying RMS Beauty Un-Powder Onto Lids as Setting Powder and For Multiple Other Eye-Makeup Uses)


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Powder Foundation


 Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush (For Achieving Light to Full Foundation Coverage on Face)


Gabriel Powder Blush, Willow (Soft Peachy-Pink/Cool)


Sigma F80 Air Flat Kabuki Brush (For Stippling Blush onto Cheeks)


(ABOVE) The inside of my arm swatched with Zuzu Luxe Lipstick, Sandstorm and, below, with 100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss, Crystal. Both Gabriel and Zuzu Luxe cosmetics are made from 100% natural ingredients and are vegan, lead-free, cruelty free, and certified gluten free. All 100% Pure cosmetics are cruelty free and are naturally pigmented from fruit, vegetables, tea, and cocoa.



(ABOVE) Zuzu Luxe Lipstick, Sandstorm, without anything else on top of it. This lipstick is a creamy, moisture-rich lip product on its own. (ABOVE & BELOW) This Compact Beauty Mirror comes with a carry bag and is oversized, which makes it much easier to use for checking or even applying makeup.



Compact Beauty Mirror and Carry Bag




CARDIGAN: Ann Taylor (More cardigans Gap, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers) / TOP: Talbots, now on sale / PANTS: Ann Taylor, now on sale.


BAG: Kate Spade, old (alternative Kate Spade Pink Top-Handle Shoulder Bag, Dark-Blush Faux-Leather Top-Handle Shoulder Bag, Talbots Warm-Rose Soft Pebble-Leather Double-Zip Crossbody Bag) / SHOES:  Calvin Klein, now available in black and nude  (alternative Grey Faux-Leather Slingback Pump, Grey Suede Square-Toe Pump, Grey Pointy-Toe T-Strap Pump)


BRACELET : David Yurman Spiritual Pearl Bracelet.

MY SKINCARE/MOISTURIZERS  (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

FACE MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Face Cream, Argan & Pomegranate / LIPS-EYE AREA MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Shea Butter.

MY MAKEUP BRUSHES & MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

FACE FOUNDATION: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Powder Foundation, applied with Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush , c/o (as foundation all over face), and also with Sigma E62 Cut Crease Brush c/o (as primer on eyelids, and as concealer on nose/chin discoloration), and with Sigma 3DHD Precision Brush (as primer under eyelashes; usually I also use it as concealer for darkness on inner corners of eyes but this time I forgot!), and with BareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush (for light dusting on front of neck–brush also available here) / FACE BRONZER: 100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer, Cocoa Glow, applied to cheekbones, forehead, and bridge of nose with SigmaF40 Large Angled Contour Brush c/o/ EYES:  100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer, Cocoa Glow, applied to lid and crease with Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush c/o, and under lower lashes with Sigma E54 Medium Sweeper Brush c/o. Then, applied Zuzu Luxe Blackout Eyeshadow to upper lash line and outer one-third lower lash line with tip of Sigma E21 Smudge Brush c/o, and softened it with Sigma E54 Medium Sweeper Brush c/o. Lastly, set shadow on lids and under lower lashes with RMS Beauty Un-Powder, using same Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush (first wiped clean with a dry tissue) / CHEEKS: Gabriel Powder Blush, Willow (soft peachy-pink/cool), stippled onto cheeks with Sigma F80 Air Flat Kabuki Brush c/o/ LIPS: 100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss, Crystal applied over Zuzu Luxe Lipstick, Sandstorm / LASHES: Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length and Strength Mineral Mascara, Supernova, combed out with Folding Eyelash Comb With Metal Teeth / FINISHING-SETTING SPRAY: Mountain Valley Spring Water, spritzed from glass, fine-mist spray bottle (2-ounce  or 4-ounce size).


CAMERA: Sony / CAMERA CASE:  Sony / BATTERY: Sony (I carry extras) / MINI TRIPOD/GRIP: Manfrotto / SMARTPHONE TRIPOD MOUNT:  Square Jellyfish / MY SALAD DRESSING BOTTLE: Glass, Leak-Proof, 4 oz (I carry my homemade salad dressing to restaurants in this).

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YouTube Video

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Kate Spade Prescription Glasses (I Had These Made Into Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses)


David Yurman Spiritual Pearl Bracelet


Tie-Neck Flutter Flower Top (Now On Sale)


Cardigan with Pearl Buttons, Pastel Pink (More Cardigans Gap, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers)


Belted Wide-Leg Marina Pant (Now On Sale)


Kate Spade Pink Top-Handle Shoulder Bag


Dark-Blush Faux-Leather Top-Handle Shoulder Bag


Warm-Rose Soft Pebble-Leather Double-Zip Crossbody Bag


Grey Pointy-Toe T-Strap Pump (More T-Strap Pumps Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s)


Black Leather Ankle-Strap Pump (More Ankle-Strap Pumps Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s)


Nude Leather Ankle-Strap Pump (More Ankle-Strap Pumps Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s)


Grey Faux-Leather Slingback Pump (More Grey Slingbacks Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s)


Grey Suede Square-Toe Pump (More Grey Pumps Nordstrom, Bloomindales, Macy’s)




Leak-Proof 4-Oz.Glass Salad-Dressing Bottle (I carry my homemade salad dressing to restaurants in this)


Sony Camera (My Vlogging Camera Takes Photos/Videos)


Sony Battery (I Carry Extra Batteries)


Sony Compact Carrying Case (My Camera Bag)


Mini Tripod/Handgrip For Cameras and Smart Phones (I Hold My Camera With This)

Square-Jellyfish-iPhone-Android -Compatible-Tripod-Mount

Smart Phone-Compatible Tripod Mount (See Me Using This Here)