(ABOVE) Black and  neon yellow–an unexpected but fun color combination.

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September 23, 2019 / Video Post Notes


Rainy Day on The French Patio

It’s been two years since I was at The French on 5th Avenue South (see that post and video here), so my friend *CSG and I decided it was time to meet there for lunch again. It ended up being a rainy day, but that actually made it perfect weather for dining outside on the patio, because it was much cooler (low 80s, instead of 90s Fahrenheit).

I decided to try ordering off the menu–just salad greens, avocado, and unseasoned shrimp–and was so happy with my decision, because they grilled the shrimp, making it very tasty with the salad dressing I always bring with me. (See my recipe here.) To see photographs of both CSG’s and my meal, scroll down the page.

Chanel Business Affinity Small and Medium Try-Ons (Two Visits)

After lunch, I dropped by Chanel at Waterside Shops (for the second time) to have a look at both their small and medium Chanel Business Affinity handbags. I’ve been eyeing this bag for about a year, and also have been wanting a gray bag. So, when I discovered a light gray Business Affinity at our local store, I was so excited. The only problem was, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the small or medium size. Both are lovely (see photographs below).

In this video, I show both of my visits to the store: the first one, several days before this lunch, and also my second visit, after my lunch. The good news is, I finally made a decision and bought a bag. To find out which one (and which small leather Chanel item I bought to go in it), stay tuned for a future blog post and video unboxing and initial review.

Luxury-Goods Website (New & Pre-Loved) Fashionphile.com

Six or so months ago, I learned about the on-line luxury website Fashionphile.com, which is a partner of Neiman Marcus. Fashionphile features both new and pre-loved luxury handbags, fine jewelry/watches, and more (including Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, David Yurman, Hermes, Chanel, Christian Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSL, etc.). I have purchased a handbag and key pouch from them, both of which I love and will be showing in future videos.

What is so wonderful about the website is their huge inventory, which includes predominantly pre-loved luxury, but also some new, hard-to-find items, too. Each listing provides a good number of up-close, detailed photographs of the item, as well as detailed descriptions of the condition of the item. For example, handbag listings describe the condition of the interior, exterior, handle/shoulder strap, and hardware. Plus, I love that they give you 30 days to decide whether you want to keep your items, and you receive free shipping and returns. All in all, it makes buying luxury on line–and in particular pre-loved luxury–so much less nerve-wracking.

My Two Skinny Jeans OOTDs

Skinny jeans are probably my favorite casual bottom to wear year-round, because they’re so effortless and comfortable.  I most often combine them with either an oxford button-up shirt, a cotton tee-shirt, or a cotton polo shirt, then add layers on top, depending on the weather. For both of the Chanel visits you see in this post and video,  I was in the latter two, because the weather was quite hot (and still is). The outfits are easy-going and timeless–and are perfect for warm days with lots of walking.

Wishing all of you a happy first day of fall.

I hope you have a peaceful week and thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here at my blog.

~Janis Lyn Johnson

*CSG: Camera Shy Girlfriend


Scenes From The Video


(ABOVE) Driving to The French, located on Fifth Avenue South in downtown Naples.


(ABOVE) I forgot to mention my umbrella, until someone asked me about it today on YouTube (9-24-2019). I love it, because it’s so compact (7″ in length). It’s by Shedrain, and I bought it at Nordstrom Rack (although the ones on line currently are 12″ in length).  Shedrain also is available at Amazon, but again I couldn’t find any umbrellas currently there, from Shedrain, in my 7″ size. I did find brands called Prodigen and Fidus, both on Amazon, who do make a 7″ (or smaller) umbrella. I’ve not bought from either brand before, but if I lose this one, I’m happy to know these two companies make a compact size. As for my lip colors, I began the day wearing Zuzu Luxe Lipstick in the color Sandstorm. It’s a peachy-pink, creamy color. It feels very moisturizing, but after lunch I added Gabriel Ambrosia Lip Gloss over what was left of it–I’d forgotten to bring the lipstick with me. I think I like it best that way, because I have wrinkly (is that a word?) lips, so adding a gloss makes them look more plump and smooth. (Scroll down the page to see photographs showing both the lipstick and the lip gloss. My sunglasses are Kate Spade Eyeglasses that I had made into prescription sunglasses. (BELOW) our view from the patio at The French, during our rainy-day lunch.



(ABOVE & BELOW) This glass, leak-proof four-ounce Bottle is the perfect size for carrying my homemade salad dressing. Plus, I love the cute Zipper Pouch for toting it in my handbags. The pouch comes in a set of three (this one is the medium size), and all are a faux pebbled leather with scallop detail and a gold-shell zipper pull. For my dressing recipe: Home-Made Salad-Dressing Recipe.


(ABOVE) I asked for a combination of mixed greens with avocado and grilled shrimp, and (BELOW) CSG ordered the Salad Verte, a combination of greens, carrots, radishes and beets, to which she added grilled chicken.



(ABOVE) Chanel shoes and handbags at the Chanel boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue at Waterside Shops in Naples. (BELOW) A side-by-side comparison of the small and medium light-gray Chanel Business Affinity handbags.



(ABOVE) A few days earlier, during my first trip to Chanel to view the Business Affinity, I tried on both the small and (BELOW) the medium handbags in the light gray color. I immediately fell in love with how the this particular shade of gray looked with blush and white clothing. For pre-loved versions of this bag, visit Fashionphile, a partner of Neiman Marcus.



(ABOVE & BELOW) After lunch at The French, I returned to Chanel to view the Business Affinity handbags again, and to enquire about the possibility of ordering another medium. (This one had a slightly off-kilter front pocket.) While I was there, I also viewed Chanel’s small leather goods. So many pretty items and colors! By the way, if you’re interested, I found lovely Chanel card holders and Chanel zip pouches, both new and pre-loved, at Fashionphile.com, a partner of Neiman Marcus. (I recently ordered two Chanel items from Fashionphile.)



What I Wore







(ABOVE) Zuzu Luxe Lipstick in the color Sandstorm, a peachy-pink, creamy color. (BELOW) Gabriel Ambrosia Lip Gloss, a rose-gold shimmer.

(ABOVE & BELOW) Gabriel Ambrosia Lip Gloss, a rose-gold shimmer.



Outfit #1 (Blush Top)


TOP: Ralph Lauren, old (similar short-sleeve blush tee Brooks Brothers, Talbots; 3/4- sleeve Talbots; more blush tees/tops Brooks Brothers, Talbots)  / JEANS: Talbots Jegging (more white skinny jeans Nordstrom).


HAT: Sloggers / EYEWEAR: Kate Spade  / BAG: Kate Spade, old (similar Longchamp, Tory Burch; more blush totes Nordstrom) / SHOES: Lindsay Phillips Mandy Jelly Flip Flops, with interchangeable adornment (red; more amazon.com).


Outfit #2 (Black Top)


TOP: Ralph Lauren (more polo shirts Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Land’s End) / PANTS: Cabi, old (similar yellow jeans Talbots, J. Brand, Macy’s; more yellow jeans Nordstrom, Macy’s).


EYEWEAR: Kate Spade  / BAG: Tory Burch (similar Talbots) / SHOES: Chooka (available Zappos, Macy’s, Nordstrom).


NECKLACE: Similar splurge Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Ross-Simons; similar steal Nordstrom, Ross-Simons / BRACELETS : Talbots / WATCH: Cartier 18k Gold Small Tank Watch (similar Small Cartier Tank WatchMedium Cartier Tank WatchLarge Cartier Tank Watch; pre-loved Fashionphile; classic alternative Timex, Tory Burch).

MY MOISTURIZERS/MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

FACE SCRUB: 100% Olive Oil Soap applied with Buff Puff  Regular Facial Sponge (alternative 100% Pure Organic Acai Pulp Facial Scrub) / FACE MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Face Cream, Argan & Pomegranate / LIPS-EYE AREA MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Shea Butter / FACE MAKEUP: Zuzu Gluten-Free Dual Powder Foundation D-7 and D-24, applied with Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush (as foundation all over face), and also with Sigma E62 Cut Crease Brush (as primer on eyelids, and as concealer on nose/chin discoloration), and with Sigma 3DHD Precision Brush (as concealer for darkness on inner corners of eyes, as primer under eyelashes), and with BareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush  (for light dusting on front of neck)–brush also available here) / EYES: Zuzu Luxe Wanderlust Eyeshadow Palette (graphite-color shadow) applied with Sigma E21 Smudge Brush (just above and below eyelashes, then smudged with Sigma E39 Buff and Blend Brush and set with RMS Beauty Un-Powder / CHEEKS-FOREHEAD: Gabriel Willow Powder Blush , applied with Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush / LIPS: (morning) Zuzu Luxe Sandstorm Lipstick and (afternoon) Gabriel Ambrosia Lip Gloss / LASHES:  RMS Beauty Defining Mascara, combed out with this Folding Eyelash Comb With Metal Teeth / FINISHING-SETTING SPRAY: Mountain Valley Spring Water, spritzed from glass, fine-mist spray bottle (2-ounce  or 4-ounce size).


CAMERA: Sony / CAMERA CASE:  Sony / BATTERY: Sony (I carry extras) / MINI TRIPOD/GRIP: Manfrotto / SMARTPHONE TRIPOD MOUNT:  Square Jellyfish / MY SALAD DRESSING BOTTLE: Glass, Leak-Proof, 4 oz / POUCH FOR BOTTLE: Scallop Zipper Pouch.

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YouTube Video

(ABOVE) If you are seeing this message, then I have published the video and it should be appearing above. However, if for some reason the video isn’t appearing above–and you have refreshed your page and cleared your cache–you also can view the video at my JLJ Back To Classic Channel on YouTube.



Chanel Zip Pouch, New and Pre-Loved, From Fashionphile (Other Colors/Sizes Available)


Chanel Card Holder, New and Pre-Loved, From Fashionphile (Other Colors/Sizes Available)


Chanel Business Affinity, New and Pre-Loved, From Fashionphile (Other Colors/Sizes Available)


Roll-Cuff Cotton Tee


3/4-Sleeve Cotton Tee


V-Neck Cotton Tee


Ruffled Crepe Blouse


White Jegging (More White Skinny Jeans Nordstrom)


Tory Burch Gemini-Link Tote


Longchamp Nylon Tote


Land’s End Polo Shirt


Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt


Brooks Brothers Polo Shirt


J.Brand Skinny Jeans (More Skinny Jeans Nordstrom, Macy’s)


Talbots Jeggings (More Skinny Jeans Nordstrom, Macy’s)


Tory Burch Coated-Canvas Tote


Talbots Coated-Canvas Tote


Chooka Black Skimmer


Chooka Dot Black Simmer


Roberto Coin 18k Gold Diamonds-By-The-Yard Necklace


Nordstrom Faux Diamonds-By-The-Yard-Necklace

cartier-small-18k-yellow-gold-tank-watch-black alligator-strap

Cartier Small 18k Gold Tank Watch, Alligator Strap (Pre-Loved Fashionphile)


Tory Burch Tank Watch, Leather Strap

Timex Classic Watch, Leather Strap



Leak-Proof 4-Oz.Glass Salad-Dressing Bottle


Sony Camera (My Vlogging Camera Takes Photos/Videos)


Sony Battery (I Carry Extra Batteries)


Sony Compact Carrying Case (My Camera Bag)


Mini Tripod/Handgrip For Cameras and Smart Phones (I Hold My Camera With This)

Square-Jellyfish-iPhone-Android -Compatible-Tripod-Mount

Smart Phone-Compatible Tripod Mount (See Me Using This Here)