(ABOVE) Ralph Lauren black and white floral dress, Stuart Weitzman sandals, and Fendi black patent-leather shoulder bag.

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June 5, 2019 / Video Post Notes


A Dress Fit For the Princess of Monaco

Floral-print midi dresses are everywhere for spring/summer 2019, but this isn’t a new trend. The floral midi dress has been stylish for decades—and will continue to be so—because it’s an elegant, ladylike, classic piece that flatters any age.

If you already have black or navy accessories in your closet—high-heel pumps or sandals and a clutch—then a dress with either of those colors as the background is a great place to start. The black or navy floral midi dress is iconic.

One of the most famous examples is the dress worn by Princess Grace on May 6, 1955, the day she met Monaco’s Prince Rainier. (However, interestingly enough, it wasn’t the dress she’d originally planned to wear.)

As the story goes, Kelly woke late that morning, only to discover her hotel (and the entire city of Monaco) was without electricity due to a labor strike. That meant no hair dryer and no iron. The only dress in her wardrobe that wasn’t wrinkled was the silk floral taffeta midi dress she’d worn for a “McCall’s Pattern Book” cover shoot the year before. So, Kelly pulled back her wet hair, added silk flowers, and put on the dress. (See photographs below.)

If you think Princess Grace’s fit-and-flare style is dated, then consider that Jennifer Lopez wore a very similar Dolce & Gabbana dress just a few years ago to attend the Broadway musical “Hamilton”—and she looked gorgeous.

The Ralph Lauren dress I’m wearing in this post is from last summer, but I found very similar ones here and here, along with a variety of alternatives as well. Simply scroll down the page for photographs and links.

Oh, and I almost forgot: I found a Barbie that was issued some years ago (not sure when) to commemorate Grace Kelly meeting Prince Rainier, and she’s wearing the iconic floral-print midi dress. According to the seller, the box has never been opened. I also found a new Barbie who’s wearing a gorgeous black floral midi dress, hat and gloves. So pretty! Scroll down the page for details on both.

Trying Out a New All-Natural Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadows I’m wearing are by Zuzu Luxe. I show swatches of each color at the bottom of this post, but if you want to know how I used each color on my lids, I tell you all about it in my video, which is also at the bottom of this post. Just like it’s sister company Gabriel, all Zuzu Luxe cosmetics are made from 100% natural ingredients and are vegan, lead-free, cruelty free, and certified gluten free. (Update January 4, 2020: The particular palette I showed in my video is no longer available, but each color in it is available separately in an Eco Palette Refill Pan! Yay! So,  now you can choose just one, several, or all four of them! Plus, you also can purchase a Magnetic Refillable Eco Palette for them, which is a convenient, empty compact in which to store up to four eyeshadows. (It has a mirror and a vegan, dual-sided brush.) Scroll down the page to see both the compact and also the shadows swatched on my arm, plus the link for each one.)

I never dreamed I’d ever wear rose colors on my eyelids, but I think they look pretty for a dressy look, especially with this Gabriel Nude Lipstick (a flesh tone/iridescent purple cream) Who would have thought!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here and happy hump day!

~Janis Lyn Johnson



(ABOVE) Grace Kelly at the Palais de Monaco in her silk taffetta dress on May 6, 1955, the day she met Prince Rainier of Monaco. For more photographs of Princess Grace in this dress, click here. (Photograph courtesy of c.CSU Archive Everett Rex Features)


(ABOVE) Grace Kelly featured in her iconic dress on the cover of McCall’s Pattern Book in 1954, left; and on February 27, 2019, Monaco’s Princess Gabriella, right, daughter of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco, in a black floral skirt similar to the dress of her grandmother, Princess Grace (topped with a black leather jacket). (Photographic montage via People magazine)


(ABOVE) Grace Kelly “The Romance” Barbie, Gold Label Collection, $700, new/unopened (per seller), eBay.


(ABOVE)  Barbie, from the Classic Couture From the Past Fashion Model Collection, Harrods, $95.83.


Black Floral Midi Dresses


Black Floral Jersey Midi Dress


Black Floral Pleated-Wrap Midi Dress


Black Floral Jacquard Organza Midi Dress


Black Floral Jacquard Midi Dress


Black Floral Faux-Wrap Chiffon Midi Dress


Black Floral Belted Seasonless Midi Dress


Black Floral Cotton-Blend Midi Dress


Black Floral Embellished Midi Dress


Black Floral Rayon Midi Dress


Ted Baker Wristlet (More Dressy Black Shoulder Bags Nordstrom)


Tory Burch Shoulder Bag (More Dressy Black Shoulder Bags Nordstrom)


Givenchy Shoulder Bag (More Dressy Black Shoulder Bags Nordstrom)


Stuart Weitzman Black Ankle-Strap Sandal (More Black Sandals Here)


Michael Kors Black Ankle-Strap Sandal (More Black Sandals Here)


Black Open-Front Bolero/Shrug (I Bought This Recently)


Black Onyx and 14k Yellow Gold Bead Bracelet with Removable Personalized Charm

(alternative Sydney Evan 14k White Gold Diamond Starburst and Black Onyx Bead Bracelet)


What I Wore









(ABOVE & BELOW) Gabriel Nude Lipstick (a flesh tone/iridescent purple cream) and the Zuzu Luxe Eco Palette Refill eyeshadow colors I’m wearing. Left to right, Ritual (satin peach/shimmer), Vintage (deep cedar rose/matte), Bubblegum (neutral rose/matte), and Blackout (carbon black/matte). (BELOW) The Zuzu Luxe Eco Palette Magnetic Refillable Compact, shown both empty and also filled with the above eyeshadows, comes with a mirror and a vegan, dual-sided brush.



Zuzu Luxe Eco Palette Magnetic Refillable Compact ( Filled with Ritual, Vintage, Bubblegum, and Blackout–see descriptions of each color above)


Zuzu Luxe Eco Palette Magnetic Refillable Compact (Shown Empty)


(ABOVE) Gabriel Nude Lipstick swatch. (BELOW) Zuzu Luxe Eco Palette Refill Pan eyeshadows (left to right) Ritual (satin peach/shimmer), Vintage (deep cedar rose/matte), Bubblegum (neutral rose/matte), and Blackout (carbon black/matte).




DRESS: Ralph Lauren, old (similar here and here; more black floral dresses here).


BAG: Fendi, quite old (more dressy black shoulder bags here) / SHOES: Stuart Weitzman.


BRACELET : Black Onyx and 14k Yellow Gold Bead Bracelet with Removable Personalized Charm, currently on sale (alternative  Sydney Evan 14k White Gold Diamond Starburst and Black Onyx Bead Bracelet).

MY MOISTURIZERS/MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

FACE SCRUB: Coconut Oil Mixed with Himalayan Salt (alternative 100% Pure Organic Acai Pulp Facial Scrub) / FACE MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Face Cream, Argan & Pomegranate / LIPS-EYE AREA MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Shea Butter / FACE MAKEUP:  BareMinerals Matte Foundation SPF 15, Golden Medium 14 and Golden Fair 04, applied with Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki F88 Brush (face) and BareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush (neck; also available here) / CONCEALER: BareMinerals Matte Foundation SPF 15 applied with brushes from EcoTools Ultimate Concealer Duo Brush  Kit / LIPS:  Gabriel Nude Lipstick / CHEEKS: Gabriel Vibrant Pink Powder Blush, applied with EcoTools cruelty-free Stippling Brush  / EYES: Zuzu Luxe Ritual, Vintage, Bubblegum, and Blackout eyeshadows–see descriptions of each color above) / LASHES: 100% Pure Ultra-Lengthening Mascara, Black Tea, combed out with this Folding Eyelash Comb With Metal Teeth.

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