(ABOVE) A blush jacket that’s new and a turquoise duck shoe I’ve had for a while (and is still available!) are both favorites for March 2017.

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March 10, 2017 / Video Post Notes

The Blazer: A Classic Essential

Blazers are such a great way to add an interesting layer to an outfit and provide added warmth. They’re especially good for dressing up an otherwise fairly casual look.  While I’d been wanting to add more to my wardrobe, I just hadn’t found the looks or fabrics that felt right for me (and our year-round warm climate).

But I”m so happy to say I now finally have an off-white long blazer to wear with pants, and a blush, shorter blazer to wear with pants and skirts. Both will work with so many outfits year round–and also with jeans, which was what I wanted.

Also in this post are J. Crew’s iconic Pixie Pants–which I’d never even tried on before–as well as a terrific tunic-length white shirt (yay!), colorful and rain-proof moccasins, and more.

Oh, and the lip color I’m wearing here is such a pretty, deep brick color, and it’s also new.


~Janis Lyn Johnson


Classic-Eyewear-Kate-Spade Annika-Brown-Horn-56mm-Sunglasses

(ABOVE) EYEWEAR: Kate Spade Annika Here, Here (Also Amazon).

Why I like them: (1) They don’t feel heavy (they’re very comfortable). (2) They’re large–so they provide full eye-area coverage–and yet still look understated. (3) They are slightly curved, so they fit snugly on my face. (4) The lens color is brown. I think that’s a flattering, understated color for the face. ( 5) The lens color is very dark, which is perfect for the extremely bright sunlight we get here in Southwest Florida. (6) The frames tilt up on the outer upper edges, which is attractively uplifting for the face. Love them!




(ABOVE) TOP: Talbots Blush Twist-Front Top  (Available in 4 Colors).

(ALSO WEARING) JEANS: Max Jeans (Similar Talbots, Nordstrom) SHOES: Delman (Similar Nordstrom,, Shoebuy, Zappos).

Why I like it: (1)  The color and dotted fabric make it girly and feminine. (2) The twist front is visually soft and interesting. (3) The cap sleeves give coverage, so underthings don’t show. (4) It’s available in four colors, (5) It’s the same color as the blazer below!







(ABOVE) TOP: Talbots Blush Twist-Front Top (Available in 4 Colors / JACKET: Talbots Blush Aberdeen Knit Blazer (Available in 8 Colors).

(ALSO WEARING) JEANS: Max Jeans (Similar TalbotsNordstrom) SHOES: Delman (Similar Nordstrom,  6pm.comShoebuyZappos).

Why I like it: (1) The not-too-long or cropped length makes it wearable with both skirts and pants/jeans. 2) The feminine blush color (which also matches twist-front top) is very feminine. 3) The 100-percent cotton-knit fabric gives it interest, drapes beautifully, and is very comfortable. 4) The gold buttons on the front and sleeves make it versatile. It can be dressy or worn with jeans. 5) It’s available in eight colors!






(ABOVE) TOP: Isaac Mizrahi Tunic Shirt (Available in 5 Colors) / PANTS: J. Crew Hthr Charcoal Pixie Pant (Available in 2 lengths, 3 Colors).

(ALSO WEARING) SHOES: Black Patent Trotters Wedge Sandals.

Why I like it: (1) It’s fitted in the shoulders and chest, but eases out softly over my lower curves. So, it has the comfort of a boyfriend shirt and the more fitted, ladylike look of a woman’s blouse.  (2) The length more than covers my bum, so I can wear it with skinny pants and leggings. (3) The third button from the top isn’t too low, so that I can unbutton the top two buttons to reveal my neckline and any jewelry without worry of the shirt plunging too low. (4) It comes in five colors!

What I wish was different: I do wish the bottom part of the shirt was a bit more fitted. However, since it was bought for casual looks with skinny pants, leggings and jeans, it’s just fine. In fact, I just ordered the raspberry color, too. It’s on sale!







(ABOVE) JACKET: J. Crew Vanilla-White Bi-Stretch Cotton Blazer  (Available in 3 Lengths, 4 Colors) / PANTS:  J. Crew Hthr Charcoal Pixie Pant (Available in 2 lengths, 3 Colors).

(ALSO WEARING) TOP: Polo Ralph Lauren, (Similar NordstromJ. Crew, Macy’s) / SHOES: Black Patent Trotters Wedge Sandals.

Why I like it: (1) It comes in petite, regular, and tall. I needed the tall to get the longer look I wanted for wearing it with leggings. However, I wouldn’t wear this with skirts at that length. I prefer either a cropped or, at least, shorter length jacket with skirts. (2) I like the horn-look button detail on the sleeves. (3) I like that it is vanilla-white, rather than bright white, so it can be worn year round.




(ABOVE) PANTS:  J. Crew Hthr Charcoal Pixie Pant (Available in 2 lengths, 3 Colors).

(ALSO WEARING)  JACKET: J. Crew Vanilla-White Bi-Stretch Cotton Blazer / TOP: Polo Ralph Lauren, (Similar NordstromJ. CrewMacy’s) / SHOES: Black Patent Trotters Wedge Sandals.

Why I like them: (1) I bought them in the short length. I love that I had a choice. (2) They’re available in Black, Heathered Charcoal, and Navy. The Heathered-Charcoal color is a softer look than true black. It’s a different look, and I like having that fashion option. (3) The seam running down the back of the pants flatters the bum and legs.




(ABOVE) PANTS: J. Crew Hthr Charcoal Pixie Pant (Available in 2 Lengths, 3 Colors).

(ALSO WEARING) TOP: Grey Isaac Mizrahi Tunic-Length Tee / SHOES: Black Patent Trotters Wedge Sandals / EYEWEAR: Kate Spade Glasses.








(ABOVE) Chooka Duck Shoe/Skimmers  (NordstromZapposAmazon; Available in More Colors and Patterns Than Shown).


(ABOVE) L.L. Bean Duck Shoe/Boot and Anne Klein Duck Shoe/Boot.

Why I like the Chooka Duck Shoe/Skimmer: (1) Chooka Duck shoes have a lower, slimmer profile than a typical duck shoe, like the LL Bean one above. (The sides of the Chooka shoe and the toe bed don’t come up as high.) This makes the shoe more flattering to the foot. It also makes them lighter weight. (Perfect kind of preppy look for Florida.) (2) They come in many happy colors and patterns. (3) They’re waterproof, so they’re perfect for rainy days. (4) They’re cute and comfortable, so they’re also fun to wear on non-rainy days, too. (5) They’re less expensive than a typical duck shoe/boot.

Why I like the LL Bean Duck Shoe/Boot: (1) For a more rugged preppy look, the LL Bean Duck shoe/boot is perfect. (2) For more protection from snow, rain, mud, this shoe works well because the sides come up higher and the toe bed is larger. (3) It’s waterproof!


(ABOVE & BELOW) 100 Percent Pure Truffle Lip Caramel.  

Why I Like It: This is the third Lip Caramel I’ve tried, and I love all three for their color-staying power. (See the other two on me here: Melon Drop and Plum Wine) Why I like it: All of them go on like a lip gloss. However, unlike most lip glosses–which come off during a meal–the Lip Caramel color stays put. It may look like a gloss, but it has the staying power of a stain.  
However, unlike a stain, it stays moist on the lips without re-applying it, even after three hours of wear. (I tested it yesterday full strength, without blotting it or applying shea butter.) Perhaps it would have stayed moist longer than three hours, but I ate a meal at the three-hour mark. 🙂 
Personally, because the color is intense, I like to apply it, blot it with a tissue, and then reapply/reblot until I achieve the depth of color I want. Then, I lightly dab shea butter on top to add back any moisture I removed by blotting.

MY MOISTURIZERS/MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

MOISTURIZER-LIPS/EYE AREA: Nourish Organic Shea Butter / FOUNDATION: 100% Pure Crème and White Peach / LIPS: 100 Percent Pure Truffle Lip Caramel / BLUSH: 100% Pure Plum Powder Blush / MASCARA: 100% Pure Ultra-Lengthening Mascara, Black Tea. (Some links in this post are affiliates. More information here.)

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