Screen shot from the DVD, Rosamunde Pilcher’s “Coming Home”.

There are only a handful of  books and movies that I’ve enjoyed so much I continue to read or watch them again.  At the top of that list is Rosamunde Pilcher’s 1995 #1 bestselling romance novel, “Coming Home” (which also was made into a two-volume DVD by Acorn Media).  Set in England, the story opens in 1935 and follows the tale of Judith Dunbar, left behind at an English boarding school by her mother and sister, who leave to join her father, posted over seas.

While at boarding school, Judith befriends wealthy, capricious Loveday Carey-Lewis, and is swept into the world of aristocratic England and the family’s seaside estate in Cornwall, Nancherrow.  It is a story about love, friendship, courage, and great wealth, all set against a richly detailed backdrop of the English well-to-do during the late 1930s.  All in all, it’s a luxurious collection of classic, traditional architecture, fashion, and culture.

I have read the book twice.  The DVD I discovered years ago while browsing the shelves of my local library, fell in love with, and went on to buy, too. Although it’s not quite the same as the book, I loved every luscious minute of it.  (During the years that Judith Dunbar is in boarding school, the part is played by a very young Keira Knightley.) I think I’ve seen it at least five times, and then I watched it yet again, recently.  It is two DVDs–202 minutes total–and each time, I have marathon-viewed the entire series on a lazy afternoon, curled up on my sofa with a pot of steaming tea and some delicious, sweet, baked treat.

If you have read the book or watched the two-part series, let me know what you think of it in the comment section below.  I’d love to know your thoughts on it! ~Janis Lyn Johnson

At, the book and audio cassette are available now; the DVD will ship when available. (It’s currently out of stock, but you can pre-order it now, and when it becomes available it will ship to you.)  As of this date, two copies of the DVD are available at  The photographs below are screenshots taken from the DVD.



(ABOVE AND BELOW) Keira Knightley plays the title role of Judith Dunbar during her school years.


Love the cute, canvas crossbody bag (ABOVE) and clawfoot tub (BELOW)!

All above photographs via the DVD “Coming Home”. (BELOW) My own, well-loved copies of the book and DVD collection.


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10 comments on “(Review) Rosamunde Pilcher’s “Coming Home”: The Book and The DVD Collection”

  1. I read the book about 15 years ago and loved it so much I read others by her! Think it’s time to read it again.

    So good to know about the DVD!

  2. Hi Janis , Im so glad I discovered your you tube channel yesterday , I love your classy style and attitude to life , your videos are very calming to watch .
    I am 53 & live in a small coastal village in England but was lucky enough to visit Naples whilst on holiday to Florida in January this year , & thought it a very beautiful place & you are very lucky to live there .
    Rosamunde Pilcher is my favourite author , my other favourite book of hers is
    The Shell Seekers , a lovely read , I also adore Downton Abbey & was so sad when it finished . Have just watched the whole thing start to finish on DVD , bliss !
    It’s so lovely to find a channel & blog appropriate for our age group , another favourite is the daily connoisseur although Jennifer is so much younger a beautiful woman in every sense . Thankyou for the pleasure you give to your viewers & best wishes for continued good health .

    • Kim, thank you for your lovely comment. Also, thank you for telling me about Jennifer! I had never heard of her or seen her channel or blog before your comment to me about her. She’s wonderful! I cannot wait to explore both of her sites more fully, and read her books! Speaking of books, I loved the “Shell Seekers” too. Rosamunde Pilcher is such a beautiful author. It’s so nice to meet you through your comment here. Thank you for taking the time to leave it on my blog. Hope you are having pleasant weather these days on the coast of England. We vacationed in Cornwall when I was a child. ~Janis

      • Dear Janis
        Thankyou so much for your reply to me , I was thrilled to find it this morning .
        I’m very pleased to think you are interested in Jennifer L Scott.
        I love her books and feel a better person for just reading them.
        I’ve always tried to be a polite , courteous person but since reading her books and watching her videos I have altered my way of thinking in other matters like buying quality rather than quantity and using and being your best self everyday . I’m sure you don’t need her advice as you come across as a very poised lady but it’s fun to see another persons point of view & she writes beautifully .
        We are having very mixed typical spring weather here in England , very chilly rainy days with a few perfect sunny ones here & there . The countryside looks so pretty though , there seems to be an abundance of blossom on the trees this year , the lilacs especially and every shade of green you can imagine , everywhere looks so fresh and perfect .
        Lovely that you had a holiday in Cornwall in the past , it is a stunningly beautiful county .
        My best wishes , Kim

        • You write so beautifully, Kim. Love your descriptions of your life there in England. Such a wonderful escape for me! ~Janis

  3. Gosh Janis
    What a lovely compliment 😀, thankyou so much .
    Hope you have a lovely weekend ,best wishes , Kim 🌺

  4. Hi Janis,
    I just discovered your vlog and this blog. I am Nicky from Berlin, currently staying with my, unfortunately very sick fiancee in Los Angeles, CA. I am right in the middle of the “Coming home” novel and I love it so much, it gives me a chance to escape from this depressing time. I have already read lots of her other books, I just love that kind of English, I can still learn from that. I can not wait to see the movie, too and will make sure I will find the dvds or watch it online. Thank you for the pictures! And I love your style! (I am 39 and looked for something inspiring fashionwise on youtube). And by the way you have a look a like in Germany, an old friend of mine who is just your body time and has beautiful hair like you, so funny!
    Keep it up and stay as healthy and radiant!
    Lots of wishes across the country, Nicky

    • Dear Nicky, I am so sorry your fiancee is sick. How awful. I’m sending you healing wishes and prayers with this note. God bless you both. What a bright moment you have brought to my day by sending your note to let me know my “Coming Home” post was enjoyable for you during your challenging time. Oh my goodness, how I agree with you — it is such a beautiful place to escape to!! As much as I loved, loved the novel I was just as entranced with the movie/series. I will say that some time had passed in-between before I viewed the movie, so the novel details were probably more dim. I’m so happy you like my blog and Youtube channel. Thank you so much for letting me know. How funny, too, that you know my twin!!! Good, good wishes to you, Nicky, and lots of big hugs ~ Janis

  5. Dear Janis, thank you so much for your prompt reply and your words are so encouraging and loving. We are trying to keep our spirits up and will not seize to find all the help we can. I also want to say that I loved reading about your life style change regarding the diet. I have lived in several countries and am still shocked here in the US what kind of unhealthy food people consider normal. I myself have struggled with skin and health issues that I am sure could be attributed to my diet therefore I am still learning, too. Please create some youtube videos about your diet and how you make the muffins for example, if you feel like it…;)Would be so great
    . Anyhow thank you again, you are in inspiration. Lots of hugs to you, Nicky

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