(ABOVE) This cap is a bit out of my comfort box!

I like hats, but usually I need a reason to wear one, such as attending a hat-themed party or needing to keep the sun off my face.  For that reason, it’s unusual for me to be wearing a flat cap here, since it serves no purpose except personal whimsy.

Personal whimsy is fine and good but, frankly, I prefer to blend in when out in the world.

However, I really liked the idea of a flat cap, so I stuffed a handkerchief in the mean girl’s mouth–the one in my head saying, “What Will People Think?”–searched for, found and ordered the hat, and put it on my head.  (If you want more details on how I got the idea in the first place, see my last post here.)

I initially planned to wear the hat with very casual jeans or khakis, but decided to stretch even further out of my comfort zone and try it with a skirt and wedge pumps.  In the end, I think it’s cute, and I’m relieved, because I did have some doubts beforehand. ~Janis Lyn Johnson


ACCESSORIES…HAT: Flat Cap, Newhattan, Medium, Brown/Red Plaid (I have 22-inch head size) / BAG: Louis Vuitton, Speedy, Purchased in 1994 / SHOES: Stuart Weitzman, Past Season, Originally Light Beige and Died Brown (Similar idea in brown pumps at Zappos) / CLOTHING…SWEATER SET: Ann Taylor, Purchased in Early 2000s / SHIRT: Ralph Lauren (Similar white shirts here) / SKIRT: Talbots (See brown skirts at Nordstrom) / MY MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)…FACE: 100% Pure, both Crème and White Peach / CHEEKS:  Gabriel Color, Vibrant Pink / LIPS: Gabriel Color, Venus / EYELASHES: 100% Pure, Black Tea. (Some links are affiliates, which means if you click on that product link it may result in my receiving a small commission or advertising fee, at no cost to you. More information here.)