(ABOVE) My friend Gail and I at Restaurant Bonjour in Naples, Florida.

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July 30, 2018 / Video Post Notes



My friend Gail and I met for  lunch at Restaurant Bonjour recently, and I decided to take along my camera, since it’s such an adorable little place. (See the video at the end of this post.) We thought it was so funny that we both were in the exact same color combination. The only difference was that her tee was striped and mine was solid. How amazing was that? I’ve also had this happen with my mother and me, so I’m sure that people who are close to each other pick up on one another’s thoughts–but probably don’t realize it at the time. (For information about Gail and my outfits, see the bottom of this post.)

All-Natural Products at Target

Before lunch I stopped by Target to explore their natural skincare and makeup selections–as well as their all-natural cleaning products–and have included those in this video and post, too. I’ve been using the Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Laundry Soap, and Dishwasher Detergent and the Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap and All-Purpose Cleaner for years and love them.

Social Media Break

Those of you who wondered where I’ve been since May, I was taking a break from social media. I realized that sometimes I need to be away from it, and also to live my life privately, without a camera documenting it. Doing this helps keeps me grounded and present, and reminds me to always keep focused on my real life and the people and events in it.

Behind The Scenes of My Blog

Then, two weeks ago, I returned to my blog and discovered it had somehow developed technical issues on the back end. The good news is, as of this morning, it looks like the major issues have been solved. Hallelujah! (Or so I thought. Update, September 11, 2018: See my more recent blog post here.)

That being said, I’m continuing to work on the blog behind the scenes, so you might see some changes along the way as it continues to get tweaked. (Oh my gosh, I am learning so much more than I ever imagined about building/fixing/re-designing a blog on my own!)

Thank you, all of you, for being here and for your continued support. I so appreciate it!

Hope you’re having a sweet day in your own real life. 🙂

~Janis Lyn Johnson


Scenes From The Video


(ABOVE) This hat is one that I wear year-round, even on cloudy days. I have it in a dark tan color also. Since I don’t wear sunscreen unless I’m out in the sun for more than 45 minutes, I wear a hat religiously. I avoid sunscreen, due to the chemicals, and because I want  to get sun on the rest of my body (for vitamin D). When I do wear sunscreen–at the beach or when gardening for long periods of time–I use Sport Badger, Broad Spectrum Spf 35 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen.


(ABOVE) The Target store on Pine Ridge Road in North Naples (photo via Google Maps).


(ABOVE) Exploring the Natural Beauty section of Target. (BELOW) I liked the look of the  Pacifica Beauty Beachy Punk Eyeshadow Palette, but I didn’t buy it that day, because I wanted to first research it on line. I recently did order it, because I found that the ingredients all rate low in toxicity at EWG.org. Looking forward to trying it!



(ABOVE) I wasn’t able to find the unscented Seventh Generation dish soap I like, but I did find the lavender-scented Mrs. Myer’s Dish Soap (also at Wal-Mart) that I add to it. The lavender scent is lovely, and combining it with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Non-Scented Dish Soap (also at Wal-Mart) creates a subtly lavender-scented soap.

ABOUT SEVENTH GENERATION: All Seventh Generation products are plant based, and according to their on-line mission statement, “are certified to be better for workers, better for communities, and better for the environment…We are always evaluating how to reduce [Seventh Generation products’] environmental impact, increase performance and safety, and create a more sustainable supply chain.” For more about the company and their products, visit Seventh Generation.


(ABOVE)  Seventh Generation Free & Clear Non-Scented Dish Soap, unscented. I like adding the Mrs. Meyer’s lavender dish soap to this unscented soap to create a softly-scented dish liquid.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate (also at Amazon) and Spray (also at Amazon). When I first purchased the Mrs. Meyer’s spray cleaner several years ago, I kept the empty bottle. I then purchased the concentrate, put some of it in the empty spray bottle, and diluted it with water per directions. I use this to clean everything in the kitchen. 

ABOUT MRS. MEYER’S: Mrs. Meyer’s products are earth friendly, are not tested on animals, and are made from the essential oils of herbs and flowers. It works well for removing oil and grease, and I love the lavender scent it leaves behind. For more about the company and their products, visit Mrs. Meyer’s.



(ABOVE) This Metal and Glass Vanity Organizer would be great for organizing hair and makeup brushes, mascaras, lipsticks,  and lip and eye pencils.


(ABOVE Enamel & Metal Coffee Mugs, blue/black, set of 2.


(ABOVE) I love milk glass, and these by Hearth & Home (in my hand and on the upper shelf behind me) are such a pretty color of pastel green. Milk glass was invented during the 1500s in Venice, Italy. It became popular at the end of the 19th century as a less expensive alternative to European glass and china.


(ABOVE) This stainless steel, powder-coated enamel strainer is no longer at Target. However, I did find one here.  I love the look but would only use it for decorative purposes (to display fresh fruit  for example). All reviews anywhere about this style of colander say that they eventually rust, if used as an actual strainer.


(ABOVE) I thought this retro kitchen scale was so cute.


(ABOVE) I was fascinated with these Gold Hook Push Pins for a cork board–although, I’m still not quite sure how I would use them. Any ideas? 


(ABOVE & BELOW) Restaurant Bonjour is about five minutes from Target, on Pine Ridge Road in North Naples.


(ABOVE) Gail and I decided to dine inside, because it was much cooler and more quiet (no traffic noise). We thought it was so funny that we both were dressed in the exact same colors!


(ABOVE) Gail’s Baguette Nicoise. (BELOW) My Waldorf Chicken Salad, without the balsamic vinaigrette dressing that comes with it. (I made my own with their olive oil and white vinegar, since I forgot to bring my dressing from home.) See my homemade-dressing recipe here. (I like to bring my own to avoid soy, sugar, dairy and allergens.)




What I Wore







(ABOVE & BELOW) 100% Pure Peach Glow Lip & Cheek Tint. (Some colors are temporarily sold out at 100% Pure, however you can find them at amazon.com.) I applied the tint to my cheeks with the EcoTools cruelty-free Stippling Brush (it applies makeup sparingly, so I can build color gradually) and used my finger to dab it onto my lips. (Dabbing instead of swiping lipsticks onto my lips keeps me from unearthing any dry patches.)

100-Percent-Pure Peach-Glow-Lip-And-Cheek-Tint



(ABOVE & BELOW) I rimmed my eyes with 100% Pure Fig Eyeshadow, used dry as a liner, applied with the angled end of the Bareminerals Brow Master Brush.100-Percent-Pure-Fruit-Pigmented-Eyeshadow-Fig




TOP: Gap (Similar Gap, TalbotsAnn Taylor, Bloomingdales) / JEANS: Treasure & Bond (similar Talbots, Nordstrom Rack)


BAG: Prada Vitelli Daino Tote, cammeo (similar Pradaalternative Kate Spade) / BELT: J. Crew / SHOES: Bernardo (similar Bernardo Wedge, FlatFlat  / HAT: Slogger’s Sun Hat (I also often wear this Sun & Fun Lifeguard Hat) / EYEWEAR: Ann Taylor (Similar Elie Tahari, Elizabeth and James).


WATCH: Michele Deco Sport (alternative Michele Saks Fifth Avenue, Michele; also Swiss Army) / BRACELET #1: Hermes.

MY MOISTURIZERS/MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

FACE SCRUB: Coconut Oil Mixed with Himalayan Salt (alternative 100% Pure Organic Acai Pulp Facial Scrub) / FACE MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Face Lotion / LIPS-EYE AREA MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Shea Butter / FACE MAKEUP: Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation, in Bamboo and Medium Beige, applied with BareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush (also available here) and Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki F88 Brush / CHEEKS: 100% Pure Peach Glow Lip & Cheek Tint (also available at amazon.com), applied with EcoTools cruelty-free Stippling Brush / LIPS: 100% Pure Peach Glow Lip & Cheek Tint (also available at amazon.com) / LIDS: 100% Pure Fig Eyeshadow, used dry as a liner, applied with the angled end of the Bareminerals Brow Master Brush  / LASHES: Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Mascara in Abyss, combed out with this Folding Eyelash Comb With Metal Teeth.

100% Pure Also Here: 100% Pure Europe100% Pure UK100% Pure Canada


TEE: (alternative ALC, Brooks Brothers, on sale) /  PANT: (similar Talbots, on sale; Ann Taylor, on sale).


MY RADIATION-REDUCING PHONE CASE: Pong / SALAD DRESSING BOTTLE: Glass, Leak-Proof, 4 oz / SUNSCREENSport Badger, Broad Spectrum Spf 35 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen, (98% organic; leaves a white physical film; I only use it when on beach or gardening 45 or more minutes).

(Some links in this post are affiliates. More information here.) 


YouTube Video



Long-Sleeve Cotton Boatneck Tee (More Colors Available)


Long-Sleeve Pima Cotton Tee (More Colors Available)


Long-Sleeve Pima Cotton Tee (More Colors Available)


Bell-Sleeve Cotton Tee (Also in White)


Striped Boatneck Tee


Three-Quarter-Sleeve Striped Tee


 Skinny Jean


Skinny Jean


Cropped Slim Pant


Cropped Slim Pant


Patent Leather Skinny Belt


Leather Thong Sandal (Also Here)


Braided Cotton Belt (More Colors Available)


Leather Wedge Sandal (More Colors Available)


51mm Square Sunglasses


56mm Square Sunglasses


Kate Spade Leather Tote


Prada Leather Tote, Cammeo


Michele Deco Diamond Watch


Michele Deco Sport Watch


Swiss Army Sport Watch


Sun Hat (I also often wear this Hat)


Sport Badger, Broad Spectrum Spf 35 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

(98% Organic; Leaves a White Physical Film; I Use When on Beach/Gardening 45+ Minutes)