(ABOVE & BELOW) The house as viewed from the beach, shuttered for the summer.

Recently put on the market for an undisclosed price by Campbell & Prebish (their website only, not MLS), White Sands is an understated, pastel-blue, two-story colonial located on the southern end of Naples, Florida, amid the resort town’s largest, most prestigious estates.


The clapboard, L-shaped residence was built in 1933 on 5.44 acres and looks out to the beach and Gulf of Mexico on the back (west) and to a winding drive, meandering pond, and vast lawn to the east.


At 4,768 square feet under air (according to county records), it is conservative in size compared to many of the other houses in this neighborhood.  Several properties down the beach is a 3.9-acre estate boasting a house with about 10,000 square feet.  This southern section of town is an area known for razing older homes and building new, much larger ones, so my hope is that whomever buys White Sands can appreciate its inherent charm.


As of the 2014 county tax roll, the estate (house and land) has a total appraised value of $37,574,193, most of which is based on the land. The county lists “Improved Value”–the house, garage, landscaping, etc.–as $134,093, which of course belies the value of this gem.


I have never had the pleasure of viewing inside the home, but whenever I drive by its unadorned, weathered “White Sands” sign, marking the driveway entrance (photo below; address removed), I imagine a true beach house in every sense.  Bare feet, barbecues, and sunset picnics.  Rustic terra cotta or wooden floors, windows pushed up to let in the sea breeze, well-used beach towels, flip-flops, and wide-brim hats stacked at the ready near the back door.  It’s the kind of unpretentious glamour of those who can afford to build an impressive mansion but have no desire to.


Of course, once again is the issue of size:  What if the new owners have friends and children and distant relatives who all wish to visit when the north turns to ice? Blessedly, with 5.44 acres to spread out upon, the White Sands estate offers plenty of room to build a guest cottage or two or three. Keep visitors close—but not too close.  End of concern.  Perfect.  ~ Janis Lyn Johnson



(ABOVE & BELOW) Bing Maps aerials of the White Sands estate, Naples, Florida.