(ABOVE) Left, I try on a sweater skirt and popover blouse at Ann Tayor and, right, lunch at True Food Kitchen. Both are at Waterside Shops, Naples, Florida.

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May 13, 2017 / Video Post Notes


Flexibility has never been my strong suit–it’s something I work on constantly–and when I had to change my diet five years ago (more here), I became even more rigid. Oh my. Not what I had hoped!

Thank goodness I have an understanding husband and close girlfriends who are kind, loving, and patient with me.

On this particular day, my  *CSG and I had plans to meet at a French cafe on Fifth Avenue in downtown Naples. The weather had been nice (not unbearably hot), and we were looking forward to eating on their sidewalk patio. That morning, though, the forecast said thunderstorms. I knew she liked True Food Kitchen and had been wanting me to try it, so at 6:45 I texted her with the suggestion that we meet there instead. It’s located at Waterside Shops, which has a parking garage, and the walk from there to the restaurant would keep us mostly dry. (The shopping center isn’t entirely covered, but it was better than our option.)

My friend texted me back that she’d meet me there, so all was well. Sort of.

Here Comes The Stress

I was a little worried that there might not be anything on the menu that I could eat. It was too early in the day to call the restaurant and ask all my usual questions. Typically, a salad works, because I’m usually safe with a base of leafy greens and other raw vegetables and an unseasoned protein. (I add my own dressing.) On the on-line menu, though, no lettuces were mentioned in the salad section. There was a raw kale salad, but I can’t tolerate kale unless it’s well cooked. Plus, very often in restaurants all proteins are pre-seasoned with items I’m not supposed to eat (butter, hot red pepper, etc.).

I knew I shouldn’t be stressed over something so trivial. In fact, years ago I learned to ask myself a simple question when facing a distressing situation: 1) Is it a lump in my oatmeal, in my throat, or in my breast? When I remember to ask myself this, it does help me quickly get perspective on a situation. In this case, it was just a simple oatmeal problem–or, actually, lack of oatmeal problem. Ipso facto, nothing to worry about.

Stress Relieved…Or Is It?

Nevertheless, I felt stress anyway. (Another of my “issues”) Why? Because I hate bringing attention to myself–and to my food restrictions–every time I place an order in a restaurant. I know I’m not doing anything wrong if I’m kind and respectful in my asking, it’s ok to take care of myself, and how everyone else feels is not my business, but I still worry I’m causing my family/friends embarrassment and the wait staff and chef one big, annoying headache.

To keep me from stressing any further, I decided to come up with a Plan B. It’s a method I often use when I’m facing a situation I’m afraid might not turn out how I want. The way it works is, I envision the worse case scenario I can imagine. Then, I come up with a means (my Plan B) to deal with that worse-case scenario, should it occur.

In this case, my Plan B would be to order a hot tea, enjoy my friend’s company, and eat lunch when I got home. She could accept that. She was an understanding person. I also knew that as much as I didn’t like skipping a major meal of the day, doing it once wouldn’t hurt my health.

It wasn’t a perfect solution–I could feel a residual undercurrent of worry that this still might bother her–but at least I felt better than before. That was progress. I just had to keep working on letting go of what other people thought.

Here’s another example of a Plan B: When you were younger, did your mother ever tell you to take “Mad Money” with you on a date? Mine did, and it was great advice. If the situation wasn’t going well, I always had enough cash to call a cab and get taken home. Plan B’s work for so many different situations.

I Love Happy Endings!

Getting back to lunch with my girlfriend, I’m happy to tell you that there are definitely leafy greens in the True Food Kitchen salads (even though they aren’t listed on the menu). Yay! (I know it seems obvious that there would be, but I’ve learned the hard way to never assume, and ask in advance to be safe.) Plus, our waiter was so nice and helpful. He let me pick items from several salads and put them all together into one.

I’m bringing all of this up here, because I’ve gotten questions on YouTube about how I handle stress, and I really like the Plan B idea. It’s a good way to give yourself a back-up plan when it looks like Plan A might not pan out as you want. It’s not perfect, but it definitely helps me lower my stress level.

Now To What’s Really Important…40% Off at Ann Taylor. Woo Hoo!

Also, I want to mention, I had an hour free before meeting CSG for lunch, so I decided to stop by Ann Taylor and try on some of their spring-summer wear. You can see the photographs of those below. But the best news is, almost everything at Ann Taylor is 40 percent off. Just type in the code FORYOU at checkout. (Sale runs until Monday, May 15, 2017, at 3 a.m. EST.)

Hope you’re having a non-stressful day, wherever you are!

~Janis Lyn Johnson

*camera-shy girlfriend


(ABOVE) The rain stopped just as I came out of the parking garage, so I put on my hat–and my umbrella went in my bag.


(ABOVE) The Ann Taylor store at Waterside Shops is located beside the parking garage, so on rainy days like this one you can keep out of the wet weather.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Ann Taylor Lace-Trim Tank, Ann Cardigan, and Chambray Paper Bag Skirt.

They didn’t have my size in regular, so I’m wearing a petite skirt here, and it’s a bit tighter and shorter than my normal size would be.



(ABOVE) Ann Taylor Lace-Trim Tank and Chambray Paper Bag Skirt.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Ann Taylor Clip Jacquard Popover, Stripe Sweater Pencil Skirt, and Ann Cardigan.

I paired up two different patterns, but I really like the look of this skirt and blouse together.



(ABOVE) Ann Taylor Fluted Stripe Skirt, Ann Cardigan, and Winter White Pleated Mixed Media Short SleeveTop.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Ann Taylor Winter White Pleated Mixed Media Short Sleeve Top.



(ABOVE & BELOW) Ann Taylor Fern Always On Wrap Dress.

I think maybe I needed the next size up.



(ABOVE & BELOW) Ann Taylor Navy Off The Shoulder Scallop Top and Chambray Wide Leg Marina Pant.

This is actually an off the shoulder top, but I thought it looked cute worn all the way up.



(ABOVE) Walking from Ann Taylor to True Food Kitchen.





(ABOVE) I requested a salad with tomatoes, peppers, greens, avocado and boiled shrimp, then added my homemade salad dressing (see my recipe here). This particular concoction wasn’t on the menu, but our waiter was wonderful and happily agreed to accommodate my item restrictions.


(ABOVE) My friend ordered the Grilled Chicken Salad.

What I Wore






(ABOVE & BELOW) On my lips and cheeks: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Peach Glow Lip and Cheek Tint


(ABOVE & BELOW) 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Peach Glow Lip and Cheek Tint100-Percent-Pure Peach-Glow-Lip-And-Cheek-Tint


(ABOVE) My Moisturizer: Badger Organic Unscented Face Oil (for sensitive skin).

WHAT I WORE (Clothing)

TOP: Isaac Mizrahi (Other Colors Also Available) / SHORTS: Vince (Similar Nordstrom, Ann Taylor).

WHAT I WORE (Jewelry/Accessories)

BAG: Kate Spadel (Similar  Frye; Alternative Rebecca Minkoff)  / SHOES: Chooka, Turquoise  (NordstromZapposAmazon; Available in More Colors and Patterns Than Shown)  / WATCH: Michele (Also Neiman Marcus; On Sale Ross-Simons) / TURQUOISE BRACELET: (Alternative QVCNordstrom, Ross-Simons) / TURQUOISE RING: (Alternative Judith Jack, QVC) / HAT:  Sun & Fun Lifeguard Hat (I Also Wear Sloggers) / EYEWEAR: Kate Spade.

MY MOISTURIZERS/MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

FACE MOISTURIZER: Badger Organic Unscented Face Oil / LIPS/EYE AREA MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Shea Butter / FACE MAKEUP: 100% Pure Fruit-Pigmented Powder Foundation , creme and white peach / LIPS & CHEEKS: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Peach Glow Lip and Cheek Tint. (Some links in this post are affiliates. More information here.) 

YouTube Video

Issac-Mizrahi-Short-Sleeve-Ruffle-Front-Tee  Isaac-Mizrahi-Ruffle-Front-Tee-Navy

Isaac Mizrahi

Ann-Taylor-Devin-Cotton-Walking-Shorts  Nic-Zoe-The-Perfect-Stretch-Woven-Shorts

Ann Taylor                 Nordstrom




My Hat                  Also Wear This Hat

Judith-Jack-Silver-Turquoise-Ring  Sleeping-Beauty-Turquoise-Ring

Judith Jack                   QVC


My Kate Spade Sunglasses Frames

Frye-Off-White-Leather-saddle-Bag  Rebecca-Minkoff-Small-Love-Chevron-Quilted-Leather-Crossbody

Frye                      Rebecca Minkoff



Gorjana-Power-Semi-Precious-Stone-Beaded-Bracelet-Turquoise  Ross-Simons-Multi-Shape-Turquoise-Bracelet-Silver

Nordstrom            Ross-Simons