(ABOVE) Left, I’m wearing Talbots’ perennial classic  Perfect Crop; right, on my way to Whole Foods, wearing one of the wide-brim hats I keep in my car and Kate Spade sunglasses.

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April 28, 2017 / Video Post Notes

The Crop: A Classic Summer Pant

My favorite pant has to be a crop, and I’ve shown some version of it on this blog in a myriad of colors and fabrics. Whether it’s skinny, slim, or loose, I like it because it showcases my ankle (the narrowest part of the leg). I don’t know why, but that seems to create a longer, leaner look, and I definitely want that since my legs are short for my torso. (I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t know that all of you have seen my other posts.)

I wear this Talbots pant a lot, because I love coral. Although this pair and another pair I have in peach are from over a year ago, the style (The Perfect Crop) is available again this year. They even brought back a similar coral color. Yay!

Plus, there’s a matching coral belt. Yay again! In my outfit shown in this post, I think having a similar color belt and pants made all the difference.

Putting together this outfit, I knew I wanted to combine navy and coral, and went from there. I really like the slingback pumps, but I’d also love this outfit with navy sandals–either flats or mid-heel height. My sunglasses and stripe bracelet are new, but everything else is from a past summer. The good news is, I was able to find on line either the same or very similar items to every item I’m wearing.

The Talbots 30% Off Sale…Love It!

Even better, for a limited time, Talbots is running their Friends and Family Event, which gives you 30 percent off your entire purchase. Use Code FRIENDS30 when you check out.

(They have a large selection of colors in both their Perfect Crop and their Charming Cardigan; and also in their Classic and Camp Linen shirts. If you’re on a smart phone, and the color or size selections don’t come up immediately for the Perfect Crop–they don’t on mine–make sure to choose which “Option” you prefer, “Regular” or “Long”. As soon as you do that, you’ll see both the color and size selections pop up right away. Yay. If you’re on a computer, this doesn’t happen.)

My Girlfriend’s Outfit…Loved It!

Before I forget, I have to mention the outfit my girlfriend was wearing. We met for lunch at Grain de Cafe in North Naples, and then I went shopping at Whole Foods (all of which is included in my vlog). Her outfit was so pretty that I asked her to let me at least take a picture of her for my blog (I knew she didn’t want to be in the video). She declined, because she’s a very private person, and of course I respect that.

I’ll try to describe it here: What struck me first was the gorgeous turquoise cotton cardigan tied around her neck. It was beautifully offset by her dark brown hair and crisp, white sleeveless ruffle blouse.  I have the same Brooks Brothers blouse, and love it. (They bring it back every summer.)

When she stood up, I saw that her pants were the same color as the sweater. Topping it all off were her white leather tote and white peep-toe leather flats. (I found lovely white totes from Tory Burch and Kate Spade.) So pretty! I wasn’t able to find her exact turquoise color separates, but I did find a gorgeous tile blue crop pant and matching cardigan (both at Talbots).

I hope you enjoy the vlog!

~Janis Lyn Johnson

P.S. I’m bringing this up separately, because it’s just too serious a topic to include above. The day I filmed this vlog, the sky was clouded with smoke from several fires in and near the eastern part of Collier County (Naples is in the western section, by the beach). If you look behind me in the photograph below, you can see it in the air. What is also visible in the video is the ashes that collected all over my car while my girlfriend and I were at lunch.  As of today, seven days later, those fires have burned approximately 30,000 acres and, locally, nine homes were destroyed. For more information, see Fox News. To help those affected, see The Naples Daily News (GoFundMe accounts have been set up to help the families). I don’t even know what to say here, because it’s all so very heart-breaking. My healing prayers and wishes go out to all of those affected.


(ABOVE & BELOW) After filming my outfit, I headed to Grain de Cafe to meet my girlfriend for lunch.



(ABOVE) At Grain de Cafe, my friend ordered the Champetre, which is chicken, apples, nuts, lettuce, and cream cheese on a baguette. (She ate it without the baguette or cheese.)


(ABOVE) I ordered the Salad de La Mer (and brought my homemade salad dressing).


(ABOVE) The Mercato shopping center in North Naples, where Whole Foods natural and organic market is located.


(ABOVE) I love these mini bouquets at Whole Foods!


(ABOVE) Several mornings a week I eat organic, raw fermented cabbage with my breakfast, since it has even more good bacteria than a supplement can offer.

Why Probiotics: Eighty percent of our immune system is in the GI tract, so the health of our immune system is affected by the health of our gut. 

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria in the gut. When they become unbalanced, it can lead to illness. Eating probiotic-rich foods like fermented cabbage–or taking a probiotic supplement like Ultimate Flora Probiotic–helps to repopulate the gut with good bacteria.


(ABOVE) I am always excited to try a new organic wine. Good ones I’ve had so far (which are both under $20, include Frey Vineyards Natural Red and Merlot wines and Badger Mountain Merlot.

What I Wore













(ABOVE & BELOW) 100% Pure Cactus Bloom Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick.


(ABOVE & BELOW) 100% Pure Cactus Bloom Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick.


WHAT I WORE (Clothing)

TOP: Talbots, Linen (Similar HereHere,  / PANTS: Talbots Perfect Crop (Similar Sunkissed Coral; Also Tile Blue and Other Colors; Peach Crop Nordstrom).

**For a limited time, Talbots is running their Friends and Family Event, which gives you 30 percent off your entire purchase. Use Code FRIENDS30 when you check out.

NOTE: At Talbots, they have a large selection of colors in both their Perfect Crop and their Charming Cardigan; and also in their Classic and Camp Linen shirts. If you’re on a smart phone, and the color or size selections don’t come up immediately for the Perfect Crop–they don’t on mine–make sure to choose which “Option” you prefer, “Regular” or “Long”. As soon as you do that, you’ll see both the color and size selections pop up right away. Yay. (If you’re on a computer, this doesn’t happen.)

WHAT I WORE (Jewelry/Accessories)

BAG: Talbots (Similar Tommy Hilfiger; Alternative Stripe Satchel Tory Burch) / BELT: Talbots ( Similar Sunkissed Coral)  / SHOES: Talbots (Similar Adrienne Vittadini; Alternative Denim Sandal, Navy Buckle Sandal)  / SEASHELL BRACELET: (Similar) / BANGLES: TALBOTS Stripe, Solid / SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade Annika HereHere (Also Amazon) / HAT: Sloggers.

MY MOISTURIZERS/MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

FACE MOISTURIZER: MiEssence Rejuvenating Moisturiser / LIPS/EYE AREA MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Shea Butter / FACE MAKEUP: 100% Pure Fruit-Pigmented Powder Foundation in Creme and White Peach / CHEEKS: 100% Pure Plum Powder Blush / LIPS: 100% Pure Cactus Bloom Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick / LASHES: 100% Pure Ultra-Lengthening Mascara, Black Tea. (Some links in this post are affiliates. More information here.) 

NOTE: 100% Pure Is Also Available in the UK, Europe, and Canada! Here are the links: 100% Pure Europe100% Pure UK100% Pure Canada

YouTube Video

Talbots-Pintucked-Classic-Linen-Shirt  Talbots-Linen-Camp-Shirt-White

Classic Linen Shirt      Linen Camp Shirt


Sleeveless Ruffle Blouse

Talbots-Perfect-Crop-Pant-Sunkissed-Coral  talbots-perfect-crop-pant-Tile-Blue  Halogen-Crop-Stretch-Cotton-Pants-Peach

Coral        Tile Blue        Peach


Seashell Bracelet

  Kate-Spade-Annika-Sunglasses-Talbots-Sunkissed-Coral-Leather-Belt  Talbots-Charming-Cardigan-Pointelle-Stitched-Tile-Blue

My Sunglasses    Coral Belt    Tile Blue Cardi


Tommy Hilfiger Stripe Tote      Sloggers Sun Hat

Talbots-Mimi-Cross-Strap-Sandal-Cotton-Denim  Kate-Spade-Annika-Brown-Horn-Sunglasses-Front View

Denim Sandal          My Sunglasses

Adrienne-Vittadini-Pointed-Toe-Simka-Slingback-Pump-Navy  Talbots-Mimi-Buckle-Strap-Leather-Sandal

Navy Slingback Pump     Navy Buckle Sandal

Tory-Burch-Small-Parker-Leather-Tote  Kate-Spade-Cameron-Street-Lucie-Tote-Cement

Tory Burch                 Kate Spade


Tory Burch Leather Satchel