(ABOVE) I’m wearing 100% Pure Ruby Gemmed Lip Gloss and all the colors from the 100% Pure Pretty Naked II Palette.

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March 31, 2017 / Video Post Notes

An All Natural Makeup Palette For Casual Day or Dressy Evening Looks

Recently, 100% Pure sent me the  Pretty Naked II Palette and two liquid lipsticks, Ruby Gemmed Lip Gloss and Sheer Strawberry Juicy Lip Gloss.  Since I liked all of them, I am reviewing them below. (You won’t find negative critiques on JLJ Back To Classic. If I don’t like an item that I am sent, I just don’t feature it.)

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good ingredients

First of all, I have to mention the ingredients. I continually reach for 100% Pure when I wear makeup, because their products are fruit pigmented, 100 percent cruelty free, and do not contain any synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, or artificial colors. Many of the products are also gluten free.

my review of the palette

Luminizer: Pink champagne color; understated, shimmery glow perfect for evening. I brushed it on my cheekbones. I love it for evening, but I personally wouldn’t wear it for day, since I like a more natural look then, even if I’m doing dressier, dramatic makeup.

Blush: Brownish-pink color; silky-matte finish that isn’t drying looking. I applied this to apples of my cheeks, bridge of my nose, and forehead with a stippling brush. I also swept the color up from my lid and over my outer brows to create an uplifting effect. This color is great for a casual or dressy look, day or night. It’s such a flattering color. Love it!

Beam Eyeshadow: Light beige color; high shimmer finish. Fun for creating more sheen on the lid. I applied it just on the center of my lid. The shimmer and color are understated enough that I would definitely wear it for dressier day or evening looks. This would also work for more natural, casual day looks as well, but I tend to not wear any eye shadow when I’m casually dressed.

Splendor Eye Shadow: Light brown color; natural looking satiny finish. I applied this all over my moveable lid (I applied Beam afterwards, and just on the center of my lid). I also applied this color under my lower lashes. Because it’s an understated color and low-shimmer, rather than high-shimmer finish, I think it works well for natural/casual or glamorous day or night looks.

Vivid Eye Shadow: Metallic Coffee Color; understated smokey, satiny finish. I pushed this color into my upper lash line with an angled eye shadow brush, then buffed it with a clean smaller brush. Again, because this is a more understated color and finish, it works well for glamorous day or evening looks. Of the three eye colors, this is my favorite. Love it!

final thoughts on the palette

As much as I still like and wear the colors in the Sex Kitten Palette, which I reviewed a few months ago (see me wearing it here), if I had to choose a favorite, I would pick the Pretty Naked II Palette. I like the blush in the other palette (it’s a peachy-pink color), but the blush in this palette is more matte, without looking drying, and matte blush can be worn with all sorts of looks–very casual or very dressy. Plus, I love the brownish-pink color. It sort of gives me a tan look. As for the three eye shadows, they are neutral colors that go with anything, and they can look natural or dramatic, depending on how you apply them. This palette is just so versatile.

Here and in the video I’m wearing all the colors from the palette, including the luminizer (on my cheekbones). I would wear this look in the evening. However, without the luminizer on my cheeks, I would wear all the other colors at any time, night or day.

my review of the lip glosses

Ruby Gemmed Lip Gloss: A bright reddish-pink color; super wet and glossy finish. Sticky texture. Both the color and finish are long lasting. This color is darker and more opaque on the lip than the other one. In candlelight at night, it is very reflective and shiny, which I really like. It looks glamorous. It’s perfect for creating a dramatic look. In daylight outside, it looks more understated, so it isn’t over the top. Love it!

Sheer Strawberry Juicy Lip Gloss: A soft, sheer, peachy-pink color; a moist finish. Texture is more slippery than sticky. This is the lip color I would wear for a  natural, no-makeup look. In fact, it’s now the one I keep in my handbag, so that I have a go-with-anything understated moisturizing color for my lips. Love it, too!

I hope this review was helpful. If you have this palette, please share your thoughts on it.

~Janis Lyn Johnson

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(ABOVE & BELOW) 100% Pure Pretty Naked II Palette includes three eyeshadows, one blush, and a luminescent powder.



(ABOVE) 100% Pure Pretty Naked II Palette swatches on my arm in daylight. From left to right: Illume Luminizer, Afterglow Blush, and Beam, Splendor, and Vivid Eye Shadows.


(ABOVE) What the 100% Pure Ruby Gemmed Lip Gloss and the 100% Pure Pretty Naked II Palette look like on me outside in daylight and (BELOW) indoors. The above selfie was taken outside about 15 minutes before filming the video and obtaining the below shot.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Left, 100% Pure Ruby Gemmed Lip Gloss and, Right, 100% Pure Sheer Strawberry Juicy Lip Gloss.



(ABOVE) Michele Watch (also at Saks Fifth Avenue) and Satya PearlRose Quartz, and White Jade Stretch Bracelets. (BELOW) On my ears I’m wearing Satya Divine Empowerment Sun & Moon Earrings in white quartz. (If any Satya item is sold out on line, you can get on their email list to be notified when they’ll be back in stock.)


WHAT I WORE (Clothing)

V-NECK SWEATER: Approx. 20-Years Old  (Alternative Talbots Mint V-Neck SweaterPointelle V-Neck SweaterMint Short-Sleeve Cardigan or Tile-Blue Long Sleeve Cardigan)

WHAT I WORE (Jewelry/Accessories)

WATCH: Michele (Also Saks Fifth Avenue; On Sale Ross-Simons) / BRACELETS:  Satya PearlRose QuartzWhite Jade

MY MOISTURIZERS/MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

NOTE: Receive 10% off all 100% Pure products, site-wide, until 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, April 3, 2017. At checkout, simply type in my discount code, JLJ10.

FACE MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Face Lotion / LIPS/EYE AREA MOISTURIZER: Nourish Organic Shea Butter / FACE MAKEUP: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Powder Foundation, creme and white peach / LIPS: 100% Pure Ruby Gemmed Lip Gloss c/o / CHEEKS-EYES: 100% Pure Pretty Naked II Palette c/o  / LASHES: 100% Pure Ultra-Lengthening Mascara, Black Tea. (Some links in this post are affiliates. More information here.) 



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