(ABOVE) The bag that helped me overcome designer-handbag shame.

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Monday, October 10, 2016 / Video Post Notes

Handbag Shame and My Regret

I’ve gotten a number of requests from Youtube followers and blog readers to do a post/video on my handbags, so I thought I would do my Louis Vuitton collection. It isn’t large by any means, but it has special meaning to me. My Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 was my first designer handbag purchase, and my decision to buy it, in 1994 at age 34, was a turning point. It signified the beginning of my journey to find and keep my confidence in not just my style, but in myself in general, regardless of the opinion of others.

In this video, I talk about something that happened on a date 10 years earlier, how I handled that moment of handbag shame, why I regret what I did still to this day, and how my regret eventually led to the purchase of my special Speedy.

If you have ever experienced a fashion-shaming moment that affected you, I hope you’ll leave a comment about it here or on my YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook pages. I know I and others would appreciate reading about how you handled it, and whether you wish you had done anything differently.

Here’s to all of us dressing exactly how we wish, no matter what others think!

~Janis Lyn Johnson


(BAG BASE SHAPER: Acrylic base I place in my Speedys to keep the bottoms from sagging)

(1) MONOGRAM CANVAS SPEEDY 30, Purchased in 1995, Saks Fifth Avenue, with Additional Shoulder Strap (Pre-Loved TheRealRel Here) / (2) VERNIS LEATHER ALMA BB, in Gris Art Deco, Purchased in 2010, Louis Vuitton (Pre-Loved, in Berry, TheRealReal and in Bleu Lagon, TheRealReal; Pre-Loved Without Strap/Key Holder, in Pomme D’Amour, TheRealReal) / (3) VERNIS LEATHER CARD HOLDER, in Gris Art Deco, Purchased in 2010, Louis Vuitton (Pre-Loved, in Monogram Canvas with Leather Lining, TheRealReal) / (4) VERNIS LEATHER AVALON MM MV, in B. Corail, Purchased in 2013, Louis Vuitton, No Longer Available New (Pre-Loved TheRealReal) / (5) BANDOULIERE SPEEDY 30, in Damier Azur, Purchased in 2016, Nordstrom Chicago (Similar, TheRealReal Here, Here)


MONOGRAM NECKLACE: Nordstrom / SHIRT: Lacoste (More colors here) / MY WATCH: Michele

MY MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

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(ABOVE & BELOW) I purchased this Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 30 in 1994, with a separate leather strap. See a pre-loved Speedy 30 at TheRealReal.


(ABOVE & BELOW) I forgot to mention this in my video, but inside my Speedy 30 (and Speedy 30 Bandouliere), I place an acrylic base shaper to prevent the bottom of the bag from sagging. They are available for a variety of styles of bags, including Longchamp nylon totes. Love these!



(ABOVE) The Vernis Leather Alma BB, in Gris Art Deco, purchased in 2010. Although this color is no longer available, many other colors are, both new and pre-loved.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Vernis Leather Card Holder, in Gris Art Deco, Purchased in 2010. Available today, but in other colors, both new and pre-loved (in coated canvas).



(ABOVE & BELOW) Although the Louis Vuitton Avalon is no longer available new, a pre-loved one can be purchased at TheRealReal.



(ABOVE & BELOW) This Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Bandouliere Speedy 30 (purchased in 2016 at Nordstrom, Chicago) comes with a  separate attachable shoulder strap. Although I couldn’t find any pre-loved Bandoulieres in the Damier Azur pattern, I was able to locate pre-loved Speedy 30s here and here. To see more photographs and the video of the outfit below, click here.



(ABOVE) The Speedy Bandouliere in Damier Azur goes well with neutrals. See more of this outfit here.


(ABOVE & BELOW)) On my lips: 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Lipstick in the color Calendula. On my cheeks: Gabriel Powder Blush in Apricot. On my eyelids: Gabriel Eye Shadow Trio in Classic Matte Nude.



(ABOVE) Lacoste classic-fit pique polo shirt. In high school, this was the first designer item I remember seeing other girls wear. They didn’t carry designer handbags. (BELOW) Get pre-loved items the same as or similar to those I featured–click on the photographs. On a smart phone? Click side arrow to see all items. (More color choices than shown are available.)

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