(ABOVE) It’s spring–and back to shorts in Southwest Florida.

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CARDIGAN: Ann Taylor / SHORTS: Ann Taylor / TEE: J. Crew / BAG: Kate Spade (On Sale) / SHOES: Talbots / BELT: Ann Tayor / EARRINGS: Neiman Marcus, Past Season (Cute Alternative Here, Here, or Here / WATCH: Michele (Similar Here or Here) / BRACELET: Talbots (Alternative Nordstrom) / MY MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)…FACE: 100 Percent Pure, Both Crème and White Peach / CHEEKS: Gabriel Color, Vibrant Pink / ZuZu, Dollhouse Pink. (Some links are affiliates. More information here.)


The Village on Venetian Bay / Panache / Bayside Seafood Grill and Bar

April 16, 2016 / Vlog Post Notes:

Yellow and blush? I never would have thought to put the two colors together, but my earrings combine the two and I love them.  So I decided to give it a go, with yellow slingback flats from Talbots and a blush Ann Taylor cardigan.  Surprisingly, I like it.

Speaking of my earrings, they are large and bold, and a result of the latest trend called “statement” earrings.  Just like with statement necklaces, the idea is to wear statement earrings not just for dressy occasions, but with casual outfits, too.

It’s a terrific concept, because we end up getting much more use out of our jewelry.  I love that. ~Janis Lyn Johnson


(ABOVE) A glimpse of The Village on Venetian Bay, as seen from the Parkshore Drive Bridge. (BELOW) What I wore for the day. (Although, I did switch handbags.  Find out why below.)





(ABOVE) Originally I carried this perforated white bag, but seeing it in the mirror at the store I felt it competed with the dots on my shorts.  So I switched to this plain white Kate Spade crossbody for the outfit shoot (BELOW), and I like this look better. 



(ABOVE AND BELOW) On my lips I’m wearing ZuZu lipstick in Dollhouse Pink (all natural/organic ingredients).



(ABOVE) Kate Spade crossbody bag, which is currently on sale. (BELOW) Shop items featured (or similar to those) at Panache.

YouTube Vlog of My Visit to The Village on Venetian Bay and Lunch With Friends

59 comments on “(Vlog) Browsing a Cute Shop and Lunch With Friends at The Village on Venetian Bay, Naples, Florida…and What I Wore”

  1. Yay!yay!yay!!!finally new video new vlog 🙂 place you live is absolutely beautiful,you are living in heaven,so much flower trees,great fl areas,perfect florida!.I love watching your videos,everytime your videos makes me want to go out and those fresh,cute things,feeling like I just took a mini vacation,and fl is one of my dream city,thank you janis.
    Lily store amazing,and jewelrys too.Your outfits lovely for spring,super pretty.Love the colors combination.Love your lifestyle seem so fresh,true friendship.Can’t wait your new vlogs lovely lady janis.You are such an amazing person with best heart!Stay happy!

    • I’m happy you like the location of my videos, Rose. It is such a pretty place, and I love showing it. Thank you for watching!! ~Janis

  2. Again rose here : ) I watched your last vlog again again and again,how beautiful florida,how sweet you.You amili put on my face when I were watching ur videos.Stay happy!

    • Rose, thank you! I can’t wait to look at these sites. I love stickers and inserts for my planner. They make it so much fun!! ~Janis

    • Hi, Carmen. I like and have bought Whole Foods’ 365 organic unrefined virgin coconut oil in glass jars and Spectrum’s organic unrefined virgin coconut oil in glass jars. I just discovered Dr. Bronners organic unrefined virgin coconut oil in glass jars. It is the least expensive, so I prefer it; it’s also available on line. Here is the Dr. Bronners link: I only buy it in glass jars, because I don’t want plastic leaching into a product I put all over my body and also use for cooking. Thank you for your question! ~Janis

  3. I am curious about you when youre not being active I thought maybe youre at travelling or your computer broken ı am not sure and yes I saw another comment on your blog,I know now you havent been here cause of computer,now youre back and I am happy,wellcome lovely janis,cant wait your new videos.Stay more happy!

    • Hi, Rose! I’m so glad you saw that I was having computer issues. I’ve got a new computer now, so hope to be back on track quite soon. (As you saw, the newest vlog went up today! Yay!) Cheers! ~Janis

  4. Hi! I’m so Glad I found you Again!! This is Great! I Love that you are doing this! I’ve always liked your Style! Thanks for doing something Classic.

    • Thank you so much, Kimberley! How sweet of you to comment. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are well! ~Janis

  5. Loved all your outfits, I wish I could wear shorts (I need to loose about 30 lbs lol) You are very good at putting things together.

    • Thank you, Glamorous Life! Cropped pants are always a nice alternative to shorts. They’re cute and fun, but cover us up a bit more. Thank you for commenting! ~Janis

    • Libby, I’m so happy my videos give you inspiration for your own style. Thank you for watching and for commenting, too! ~Janis

    • Thank you, Living by Martha. I love doing the vlogs. I’m so glad you like them. I appreciate you leaving your supportive comment! ~Janis

  6. I saw this video today,some great different organic makeup brands,watch this video janis

    I know gabriel cosmetic,zuzu from you,but Inever heard anothers,long list about brands under the video,check it,thats great.Happy days!

    • Anna, thank you for the video suggestion. This was the day I wore no eye makeup, which is a look I often have done through the years because it requires only three makeup products, and therefore gets me out the door quickly. I hadn’t thought of showing this in a tutorial/get ready with me, but I will definitely consider it. I’m so glad you liked it!! ~Janis

  7. Janis,I found so great organic brand today,zuii organic.Have you ever heard it or use it? I am going to order some lipsticks,eye shadows and blushes.Here is the official website:

    I think theyre so great and so healthy,ingredients all organic.Tell me your thoughts.
    Happy days!

      • I like mac lipsticks I know unhealthy content but sometime getting buy,because of various colors,if so harmful,wouldn’t sold,isnt’it?What do you think?

        • It all boils down to how much of the harmful things we use, consume and expose ourselves to. I’ve not looked at the label, but my guess is that mac lipsticks have similar ingredients to those in other department store and drugstore cosmetic brands. Some of these ingredients can be harmful, if consumed in too large of a dose. In the end, the “dose makes the poison”, as the saying goes. We have to take into account everything we use to clean our homes, the air we breathe (some cities are very polluted), everything we eat, what we put on our skin, etc. Our skin can absorb between 60% and 100% of what we put on it. (The area under our arms and our genitalia can absorb 100%.) All of this adds up to a toxic overload, if we don’t eat healthily and we put ingredients on our skin that aren’t healthy. A toxic overload can make us sick. I was so sick that I had to change my lifestyle–the food I put in my mouth and everything I put on my skin. I still make compromises (like using natural cosmetics that aren’t 100% organic and do contain a few ingredients that can be harmful). But I also limit my makeup wearing to only about 3 days a week. So it’s really up to you. What you think works best for your lifestyle. Sorry for the wordy explanation! 🙂 A long, healthy and vibrant life to you, Rose! ~Janis

          • I agree with what you say lovely Janis.Some countries are also very dirty air, if I came from outside in the house I washed my face everytime,usually always,so I frequently I mousturizing my hands.Generally all cosmetics harmful,but you need to choose the least harmful,because there are also chemical organic products.About foods,I hate fast food,the most beautiful salads and fruit,and fishes for me,if you re not vegan,
            because fish super healthy.And smoothies amazing,especially if youre melting therefore hot weather:)
            And drink tons of water,this is why life:)
            healthy and vibrant life to you~

          • It sounds like you are doing what you can to put healthy ingredients on your skin and in your body. And you began doing this so much earlier than I did. You are far ahead of me! That should benefit you greatly as you age. Thank you for sharing this, Rose! ~Janis

  8. I really like those flats but didn’t catch where you bought them. The white shorts beautiful,Thanks so much for sharing, it’s so nice to see someone share what they’ve bought.

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