(ABOVE) A simple white dress is a perfect backdrop for this colorful cardigan from Talbots.

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WHAT I WORE…CARDIGAN: Talbots (Currently On Sale)/ DRESS: Ralph Lauren (Similar Here, Here, and Here) / BAG: Ann Taylor (Similar) / SHOES: BC Footwear (Alternative Here and  Here) / WATCH: Michele (Similar Here and Here) / FEATHER EARRINGS: Similar / MY MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)…FACE: 100% Pure, Both Crème and White Peach / CHEEKS: Gabriel Color, Vibrant Pink / LIPS: 100% Pure, Calendula / EYELASHES: 100% Pure, Black Tea. (Some links are affiliates. More information here.)


As much as I loved it–and it was on sale–I hesitated buying this Ralph Lauren polo dress.  My thighs are no longer as smooth (or tight) as they were in my mid-40s.  I first noticed this six or so years ago, and it bothered me so much that I donated dresses, shorts, and skirts that were any shorter than a few inches above my knees.

My beautiful husband kept telling me my legs were great, but every time I looked in the mirror I remembered what they used to look like, so I kept covering them up.  Then, on June 1, 2012, because of several chronic health issues (see more here), I gave up all sugar/sweeteners, eventually dairy (although I dabble in butter occasionally), all grains except organic sprouted rice no more than twice a week, and soy. I’d also read that this diet could help lessen cellulite; that was a plus, too.

Four years later, I am grateful to be able to say my health has improved.  As to whether my thighs look better?  They still are not like they were in my 40s.  I think the front of them is a little smoother.  Or maybe I’m just being hopeful.

My friend Suzanne recommended massaging them; she’s got gorgeous legs.  So I’ve started that, too.  And I continue to walk two-plus miles three days a week.  I’ve also decided to listen to my husband and wear what I really want to wear.  My thighs aren’t the same, but this cute, shorter dress makes me happy; that’s what matters.

Happy dressing to you, too. ~Janis Lyn Johnson








(ABOVE AND BELOW) On my lips I’m wearing 100 Percent Pure Lipstick in the color Calendula.  For other makeup I’m wearing in this post, see WHAT I WORE above.


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34 comments on “(Video) Classic Fashion Over 40/A Short White Dress, Polka Dot Cardi…And Not-So-Perfect Thighs”

  1. Good morning Janis this is a beautiful look . I have always loved Polka Dots they are a classic that never goes out of style and they always look current and fresh have a great week

    • Maryann, thank you. And you are so right about polka dots! Don’t know why it has taken me so long to appreciate them. You have a great end of week and weekend~ Janis

    • Thank you, Tracy! I am still working with it to be sure I know how I feel. Will film the video review in next couple of weeks. A hint–it’s bright pink! ~Janis

    • Jenny, thank you! Angie’s video offered a great lookbook. I will definitely keep it in mind. And my goodness, she has such gorgeous legs! I am a subscriber, but never saw this particular video of hers, so thank you for linking it here. ~Janis

  2. Janis,

    Your husband is absolutely right. You have great legs and should enjoy them while you can. Love your style. You looked great in the white short dress. Would love to see more casual dress styles. Dresses are my favorite.

    • Sherry, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And I am with you on cute casual dresses. Thank you for suggesting I do more casual dress styles. I love the idea! ~Janis

    • Thank you, Sarah! (I’m sorry I couldn’t find the exact pair of earrings on line. Mine are about 20 years old.) So sweet of you to take the time to leave a comment! ~Janis

  3. Youre 55 but you seem like 36-38,youre so lucky,in my opinion, you look great in your all clothes,I wish I had your body! Also I like how your hair looks in this video,gorgeous hair color,this color is famous in this year.

    • Marie, you are so kind to say that. Thank you! The lighting happened to be quite good in this video and therefore makes me look better than in real life, believe me!! 🙂 I so appreciate you saying you like my hair color, too! Thank you for your support and encouragement!! ~Janis

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