(ABOVE) All-natural lipstick and cute glasses and sunglasses, plus more, are featured in this video.

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Just because something is pretty, doesn’t mean it can’t be useful, too.  And although some useful things may not look very pretty, they contribute to making us–and our lives–definitely so.

Such is the (convoluted?) reasoning behind my new Classic Pretty & Useful Things series, which I kicked off last week with my Franklin Covey Classic “Planner Love” 2016 Weekly Planner & Inserts video.

In today’s video I cover a variety of topics, from eyewear and all-natural lipstick and more–to two different protective devices (one to protect your clothing and the other to protect your safety).  I hope you like my new, periodic series! ~Janis Lyn Johnson

FEATURED ITEMS…VEST: Lilly Pulitzer, Tropical Pink / LIPSTICK: Gabriel Color, Dune / PEPPER SPRAY: Sabre, Pink / WRIST KEY RING: OnDepot, Set of Six / DRESS SHIELDS: Kleinert’s, Disposable or Washable / BEVERAGE BOTTLE: Lifefactory, 22 ounces, Glass, Midnight Blue (Also other sizes, colors, lids) / BOTTLED WATER: Mountain Valley Spring Water, Glass / WATER DELIVERY:  U.S. Locations (Aqua Systems in SW FL) / GLASSES: Kate Spade, Lucyann, Tortoise Gold, 49mm / NECKLACE: Talbots, Soft Stawberry  (Some links are affiliates.  See About JLJ.) / WHAT I’M WEARING AND MY MAKEUP…Click here.


(ABOVE) Gabriel Color lipstick in the color Dune.


(Above) Talbots Marquis Bib Necklace. (BELOW) Lifefactory Water Bottle with Straw Lid. (Photograph via Lifefactory/Amazon.com)


YouTube Video of My Classic Pretty and Useful Things Selections

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