Two Modern Takes On Classic: (Distressed) Jeans With Black, And Fancy (Day) Dresses


Love it or hate it, the distressing and ripping of jeans is everywhere.  Traditionalists may not wear them, but many modern classicists do.  Thus is the evolution of classic style.

Updating timeless, understated pieces–and changing the context of how, where, and with what they are worn–is what keeps the classics perennially relevant.  It’s also what introduces classics to each new generation and, ultimately, brings young people on board as fans.  Good examples are the four women I met at Waterside Shops the Friday before Labor Day.

Distressed Jeans With Black

Iwona Nowicka and Alexandra Witas (above and below, left to right) show how ripped jeans can look polished when styled carefully.  Their black tops are understated, their accessories minimal, makeup is natural looking, manicures pristine, and their hairstyles are simple and unfussy.  I love the sleek bun.

Fancy (Day) Dresses

Minimalism is also key when taking a cocktail dress out of its normal context to create a feminine but more casual day look (scroll to next set of photographs).  Kida Sina and Xhovana Trebicka chose simple, casual handbags, low-heeled shoes, virtually makeup-free faces, and engagement rings, a bracelet, and watch for jewelry.  No earrings or a necklace.

Each of these women is unique in her own style, but all illustrate the enduring appeal of the classic way of restraint and simplicity. ~Janis Lyn Johnson





Fancy (Day) Dresses

(Left to Right) Kida Sina and Xhovana Trebicka.




Gabriel Trebicka, an up-and-coming model to be sure, waits patiently as I interview his mother, Xhovana Trebicka.


Distressed Jeans With Black

LEFT OUTFIT   Jeans: Joe’s Jeans (Nordstrom) / Top: Noshua (Similar at Nordstrom) / Bag: Michael Kors (Nordstrom) / Sandals: H&M (Cute option at Nordstrom).

RIGHT OUTFIT   Jeans: Joe’s Jeans (Nordstrom) / Top: Michael Kors (Quite similar at Nordstrom) / Shoes: Toscanella ( Similar high wedge Here; lower cork wedge in Bernardo) /  Bag: Dolce & Gabbana Limited Edition, 7 years old ( See others at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom) / Watch: Breitling / Bracelet: Hermes.

Pastel Dresses

LEFT OUTFIT   Dress: Brat Star / Bag: Calvin Klein (Similar Calvin Klein bag Here) / Sunglasses: Michael Kors (

RIGHT OUTFIT   Dress:  Zinga  (Similar idea at J. Crew) / Bag: Jessica Simpson (Similar in Rebbeca Minkoff at Nordstrom) / Bracelet: Pandora (Nordstrom) / Glasses: Ice Berg.

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