(Vlog) Classic Fashion Over 40/50: Lilly Pulitzer Spring-Summer Try Ons; Plus My OOTD


(ABOVE) Lilly Pulitzer’s White Linen Beach Pant and Skipper Solid Popover, left. Walking to Waterside Shops, Naples, Florida, right.

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February 14, 2017 / Video Post Notes

Spring Is Right Around the Corner

Hi, everyone!

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we haven’t even experienced our winter weather yet here in Southwest Florida. In clothing stores, however, it’s already looking like spring. So, I recently stopped by Lilly Pulitzer to try on some items. It always feels like summer when I’m in Lilly Land!

It was love at first site with the salmon half-zip popover, and I’m so happy I bought it. It goes with my shorts, jeans, and leggings, and looks great layered or worn on its own. The material is  a soft sweatshirt-like cotton, but the popover is more refined than a typical sweatshirt; it has a collar and a pretty gold, jewelry-quality zipper.

I tried on six other outfits, too. All seven looks are below, along with my own outfit that I wore that day.

Changing to the subject of makeup, 100% Pure was kind enough to send me a new lipstick to sample from their Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick line. To see closeups of me wearing it in this post (and details about all my makeup/moisturizers), scroll to the bottom of this page. The lipstick color I’m wearing is sonora. It’s so pretty! It’s an orange-red, opaque, long-wearing formula, and it goes with both pinks and peaches.

Hope you’re having a sweet Tuesday.


~Janis Lyn Johnson

P.S. Isn’t the wallpaper in the Lilly Pulitzer dressing room adorable? I love the round rug, too. <3


(ABOVE) Lilly Pulitzer Lindsey Cashmere Zip-Up Hoodie, White Tabbie Tank, and Syndy Cashmere Pant.


(ABOVE) Lilly Pulitzer Chai V-Neck Caftan in Agate Green, White Tabbie Tank, and White Linen Beach Pant.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Lilly Pulitzer   Gold Metallic Bayshore Sweater Wrap (Also Similar Lilly Poncho Saks Fifth AvenueZappos) and (ABOVE) Lilly Pulitzer White Tabbie Tank and White Linen Beach Pant.



(ABOVE) Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Solid Popover in Tiki Pink, White Tabbie Tank, and White Linen Beach Pant.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Lilly Pulitzer Grey Vandy Top, White Tabbie Tank, and White Linen Beach Pant.



(ABOVE & BELOW) Lilly Pulitzer Nadia Silk Top and (ABOVE) Kelly Ankle-Length Skinny Pant.



(ABOVE)  Lilly Pulitzer Jacey Gold Metallic Cardigan, White Tabbie Tank, and White Linen Beach Pant.


(ABOVE & BELOW) Lilly Pulitzer Faux-Leather Pineapple Clutch and (ABOVE) Kristin Gold Metallic-Leather Wedge.


(ABOVE) Lilly Pulitzer Make A Splash Sea Horse Necklace, Faux-Leather Pineapple Clutch, Alessandra Cashmere Fringe Tunic.


(ABOVE) Lilly Pulitzer Pineapple Coin Purse.


(ABOVE) Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Florida Scarf and Sunshine State iPhone Cover.

What I Wore



(ABOVE) Men’s Lifeguard Hat (Alternative), Kate Spade Prescription Sunglasses, Necklace (Similar SplurgeSteal). (BELOW) Talbots Jeggings, J. Crew Vintage Tee, Land’s End Cardigan (Similar Ralph Lauren Grey V-Neck Cardigan Here, Here), Longchamp 3D Tote, Trotters Wedges, Necklace (Similar SplurgeSteal).



(ABOVE & BELOW) Trotters Wedges.

I have these shoes in both camel and black and  wear them often. The wedge is cork, so maybe that’s why they’re so comfortable? They also come in narrow, medium, and wide.



(ABOVE & BELOW) Longchamp 3D Tote.



(ABOVE & BELOW) 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick in Sonora (c/o) and  Lip & Cheek Tint in Cranberry Glow.


WHAT I WORE (Jewelry/Accessories)

NECKLACE: (Similar SplurgeSteal).

MY MOISTURIZERS/MAKEUP (All Natural/Organic Ingredients)

MOISTURIZER/FACE: MiEssence, / MOISTURIZER/EYE-LIP AREA: Nourish Organic Shea Butter / FACE: 100% Pure Crème and White Peach Foundation Powder.) (Some links in this post are affiliates. More information here.)

NOTE: 100% Pure Is Also Available in the UK, Europe, and Canada. 100% Pure Europe100% Pure UK100% Pure Canada

YouTube Video

Lilly Pulitzer Summer 1 New Arrivals

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About the Author:

Janis Lyn Johnson is a happily married SW Floridian and Texas-born (1960) fan of timeless style and healthy living.


  1. Cynthia Daugherty February 14, 2017 at 1:13 pm - Reply

    Of course, you look beautiful as usual in all of these!
    No Lily P store close to my location but love the look of the beach linen pant. Good for me that I know how to sew a simple pant like these. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • JLJ February 14, 2017 at 10:32 pm - Reply

      Hi, Cynthia! Thank you! How wonderful that you know how to make similar pants! That’s terrific! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too. ~ Janis

  2. Gail February 14, 2017 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    Love the top you bought and really love that long gold cardigan. Lookin’ good, as usual!!

    • JLJ February 14, 2017 at 10:30 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Gail Marie! Hope you’re having a great February! Happy Valentine’s Day. ~ Janis Lyn

  3. Tami Mills February 17, 2017 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Hi, I’m new to your blog but must say that I am really enjoying going back to see the talks that I have missed. I do have a question about your makeup. I too am looking for more natural products, but do you feel like you have to keep the products for a shorter period of time due to the lack of preservatives?

    • JLJ February 23, 2017 at 12:48 pm - Reply

      Hi, Tami! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your great question! I’ve been buying only natural cosmetics for the last year and a half, and thus far everything is still the same consistency, color, and smell as when I first bought the items. From what I understand, the natural cosmetics I’ve shown have natural preservatives, rather than synthetic or harmful chemicals. They are more expensive than drugstore cosmetics, but I’m so much happier with the ingredients of the natural brands, and they perform just as well. ~Janis

  4. Rose February 21, 2017 at 9:52 am - Reply

    This lip and check tint is so red on pictures but not on you,wonderful color on you.About clothes,kelly ankle skinny pant so pretty and cool but some pants patterned show the human legs short isn’t it? especially large patterns.You should definitely buy skipper solid popover top,very beautiful lovely janis,and you should definitely buy grey vandy top,beach pant.Very beautiful on you.Gray color suits you very well.You always very chich lady.Upload more vlog please.Happy days~

    • JLJ February 23, 2017 at 1:22 pm - Reply

      About patterns on pants possibly making legs look shorter….I tend to agree with you if the pattern is too large. But I do love patterns on skinny jeans. They have several different patterns in these jeans at Lilly Pulitzer. I like some better than others. This just happened to be the pair they had in my size in the store that day. About the lip and cheek tint color….It’s interesting how lipsticks and also blushes can look so different in the product photos, isn’t it? It’s why I like to show them on my videos and in my posts, so people can see they aren’t always exactly like they look at the company’s website. The cranberry lip and cheek tint can be more red if you apply more. I just didn’t build it up to be that dark. About the Pullover….I ended up buying the Skipper pullover because I love, love the color! I also liked the gray Vandy top — I do like wearing gray so much! — but I decided I had enough gray t-shirts, so I didn’t get it. Thank you so much for visiting my blog again, Rose! Hugs from Florida ~ Janis

  5. Madrid Marie February 21, 2017 at 9:57 am - Reply

    Love the looks,blessing,marie

    • JLJ February 23, 2017 at 12:51 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much, Madrid!! I’m happy you liked the Lilly Pulitzer outfits. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment! Blessings to you, too 🙂 ~ Janis

  6. Marie February 23, 2017 at 6:56 am - Reply

    I can’t see my comments here why

    • JLJ February 23, 2017 at 1:07 pm - Reply

      Hi, Marie! All new comments are moderated, so they don’t come through immediately. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for saying hi. I hope you’re having a sweet day wherever you are. Cheers ~ Janis

  7. Tiffany Brookes February 23, 2017 at 7:57 am - Reply

    You had stylish looks,so pretty vlog,but your new vlog amazing upload more,thanks for sharing.

    • JLJ February 23, 2017 at 1:23 pm - Reply

      Hi, Tiffany! Thank you so much! I’m thrilled to know you like the vlogs. I will definitely work on doing more. Cheers ~ Janis

  8. Rose February 23, 2017 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Sometimes I watched your old videos,if you do not have a new video,I watched the tommy bahama video from you with your pretty lady gail,Oh “Hello Gail youre so sweet like janis” 🙂
    Lovely store but super expensive right?
    I watched great salads and hungered lol , sometimes you’re pouring sauce,you bring it your home? great idea!but wondering why?because places you eat are very good quality,I think that the sauces are great.Happy Days~

    • JLJ February 23, 2017 at 1:28 pm - Reply

      Hi, Rose! Yes, Tommy Bahama clothing is a bit pricey. It’s fun to find pretty things there on sale! I always bring a salad dressing when I eat out, because I never know the ingredients in a restaurant’s dressing, and I stay away from preservatives, dairy, sugar — all of which can be in a restaurant dressing. So I make my own with 3 Tablespoons Organic Olive Oil, 3 Tablespoons Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 12 Grindings of Black Organic Pepper, and 4 Pinches of Pink Himalayan salt. It’s a simple recipe, but I really like it! Thank you for visiting my blog again and thank you so much for re-watching some of my other videos. You are so sweet!! Hope you’re having a happy day, too!! ~ Janis

      • Rose February 25, 2017 at 5:03 am - Reply

        You’re so sweet too,thanks and You’re very vellcome lovely lady janis.I’am waiting for the new vlog from you.Happy days~

  9. Rose February 25, 2017 at 8:36 am - Reply

    I watched the old video,I saw that wonderful place again,there is Patio Lunch Naples,the best place for lunch,I wish I could eat there.Please please please go there again with your friend for lunch and show it again in details.Because my favorite place.I will be very happy you to go theyre again:)
    Happy Days~

  10. Nisha Corner February 25, 2017 at 8:42 am - Reply

    Liked your outfit,so classy and casual.Thanks for taking the time to film them for us.New subbie!

    • JLJ March 26, 2017 at 12:30 pm - Reply

      Hi, Nisha! Thank you so much for subscribing and leaving such a sweet comment. Cheers ~ Janis

  11. Donna Romez February 26, 2017 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    You re so classy,great outfits,lp store close my city,but thanks for sharing with us.Hugs.

    • JLJ March 26, 2017 at 12:15 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Donna! Hugs back” 🙂 ~ Janis

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