Londoner Jane Wheaton, whom I spotted at Waterside Shops, proves that a white maxi skirt is timelessly appealing. 

Jane paired her skirt with a heathered grey tee, Gucci thong sandals, and Louis Vuitton bag worn cross-body, creating a classic bohemian style.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have her fit physique.  To maintain it, she told me she eats a large “veggie salad” every evening, limits her sugar intake, refrains from sodas and fried food, does pilates when in England, and takes daily walks when in Naples–her family has had a second home here since 1973.

If you want to create a similar bohemian look, the key is to choose soft, simple, unconstrained pieces that gently skim the curves of the body and move easily when you walk; wear your hair loosely styled (escaping wisps are a plus); choose shoes that reveal more, rather than less of, the foot; and accessorize with a relaxed, slouchy bag. ~Janis Lyn Johnson






Skirt: Phase Eight (Similar at Nordstrom) / Top: Similar Idea at J. Crew / Shoes: Gucci / Bag: Louis Vuitton / Watch: Rolex / Right Wrist, Fitness-Tracker Bracelet: Amazon.com.

2 comments on “Bohemian Ease: Styling A White Maxi Skirt With Heathered Grey”

  1. I love this look. Especially as one gets older so many of us want to “hide” behind the longer skirt or just won’t wear skirts at all if the only choice is a mini. Looks tacky on an older woman; you gotta have the legs for minis!

    • I’m with you Carol on the minis. I can’t even remember when I last wore one–and I don’t think I ever wore them very short anyway. Thank goodness for choices. Thanks for commenting!!

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